Aki les dejo

Aki les dejo a short summary of the theme “Sport and aggression” (Cagigal, Jos Mar a. (1990) “That .Alianza Editorial SA, Madrid 1990) SPORT AND AGGRESSION In sports spectacle as we realize the man vent all that pent-up aggression is due to their frustrations, worries, work, etc..This aggressiveness in sport can be explained “as a safety valve, not the aggressive instincts of man, but the pressures that an organization of life led him to have to suppress a latent aggression.” This form of relief is necessary for the proper balance of society, because although necessary legislative parliaments and courts are also required where men can drop off all that aggressiveness accumulated. However due to many incidents where serious consequences have occurred, many intellectuals have no good opinion of this, for them, “the Olympics are an exacerbation of national rivalries, the Olympic is a comedy peace and fair play a utopia. ” As mentioned earlier aggressiveness mind man accumulates throughout your day so that his life is not affected by this in a sense, to attend a sporting event the individual moves all this aggression towards any of the participants This is an unconscious defense mechanism that Freud called “displacement”.As much control you have, the man will always need these “outbursts” to operate within a society, they are not going away so the show would be a good sport instrument to channel that aggressiveness, however it is necessary to educate men in their discharge of aggression and not necessarily must “come to blows or violent words”, “mere participation in the contest, in its drama and liturgy, is profoundly liberating.” The behavior of collectives can be molded into his conduct, and one of the most important elements in this task are the media. “Many of the ideas, the motivations that drive the individual embedded in the community as their own, are received from the leader” in this case from the media.That this can be observed that the media have great influence on the way to conduct the community, it is through them that can convey ideas, values that promote “the control of aggressive forces, or processing or channeling. ” “The sports reporter has not only responding to what the people want but must inform the people about the values that are latent in their hobbies and perhaps not yet discovered.”

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