William Lyons

William Lyons, also known as “Mr. Jaguar” (September 4, 1901 staff – February 8, 1985) job search was, a fellow bike with William Walmsley, the co-founder of SSC in 1922 from the Swallow Sidecar Company (SSC) , a manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars, and which became Jaguar Cars Limited in after the Second World War.
Born in Blackpool, to William Lyons of Ireland, launched a music workshop, Minnie and Lyon agency (single), daughter of the owner of a mill. After attending the Arnold school decided not to follow his father in the human resources musical instrument business and engineering apprenticeship at Crossley Motors in Manchester, where he also studied at the Technical School. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is Worked as the managing director at “Hay management consultants” Crossleys leave in 1919 to work as a salesman at dealerships in Sunbeam and Brown, Mallalieu and Blackpool. In 1921 William Walmsley moved to the following local conversion of former army motorcycles for civilian use and making sidecars and William Lyons bought one. In its 21st birthday of the two formed a company nombrs Swallow Sidecars. The company specialized in the style of manuafacture sidecars, but from 1927, produced an increasing number of low cost, built cars, such as the Austin Swallow. The business succeeded beyond their expectations and successor after several moves to larger premises in Blackpool, they moved to Coventry in 1928. William Walmsley left the company in 1934 and rename sales jobs the company to SS Cars Ltd.
The first car to be sold under their brand was the SS1 1931. The company changed consultants its name to SS Cars Ltd. in 1933, the first model of Jaguar was released in 1935. The company changed its name to Jaguar after WW2 because of the connotations of “SS” name.
William Lyons was knighted in 1956 for his services to British industry and a penalty for the exports of the company. In 1966, faced with the strengthening of the global industry Jaguar merged with the British Motor Corporation (BMC) to form British Motor Holdings, which later was absorbed into British Leyland. In 1967 Lyons retired as CEO but remained as chairman of Jaguar Cars Ltd Finally, he retired in 1972 and kept winning sheep and cattle on his farm to Wappenbury.
Greta She married Brown in 1924 and had a son, John Michael (born 1930) and two daughters, Patricia (born 1927) and Maria (born 1937). His son was killed in a traffic accident in 1955 while driving at 24 Hours of Le Mans race. They part time had no children. Patricia remarried in 1962 and had two children, a son Michael (Quinn) who is Patron of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, and a daughter Jane. Patricia contracted in 1962 and had two children, a son Michael (Quinn) who is the Patron of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, and a daughter Jane.
During his time as part time jobs CEO of Jaguar, Sir William maintained a tight reign on the company and, in particular, was responsible for the style of each new model introduced, (except for type C, D-type, type E and XJ-S, which were designed by Malcolm Sayer). This was more remarkable, as Sir William was not trained to draw, and did its design, mainly using the full agencies scale 3-D models, which were continuously adjusted by traders who work under his instructions. Sir William died on February 8, 1985 in Wappenbury Hall, his Warwickshire home. His wife management jobs Lady Lyon died in 1986.
The Writers Guild of jobs in Motor “Sir William Lyons Award is presented each year to young journalists Jaguar Motor Cars Ltd

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