Coop. ‘The Chillies’ Purpose: This cooperative is created within the framework of the Young Enterprise European educational project with eminent didactic purposes that will allow its members: Know and put into practice companies the values of cooperation: equity, democracy, equality, solidarity. Making decisions democratically. Managing a project in the form of institutional cooperation: sharing tasks and resources Independence collective Results Having a positive first contact with the creation and management of a business: account Marketing Address New Technologies Finance Secretary External Trade Celf not legally constituted. However, they are registered in the Central Registry of Cooperatives and shall be managed according AXIS operating rules of a real cooperative. Promote the participation of worker-members will be managed by working partners belong to the working partners contribute to the formation of worker-members Adhesion: The cooperative members are students and teachers that promote the creation of banks the cooperative and seek registration to CENTRAL REGISTRY OF CO PILLAR. Each member must make a capital contribution. This contribution makes the partners are committed to achieving the objectives d the cooperative and respect the rules of operation. Capital The capital of the cooperative is comprised of all contributions made by partners who will be 180 ‘. To purchase the condition of leisure each member must contribute 10.00 ‘. After the contribution, the member will receive corporation a financial certificate proving their membership. The ownership of the social contribution is not transferable. The fact of making the initial contribution is a necessary but not sufficient condition to qualify for the repayment of the same and the distribution of surpluses. Return of capital: The return of the contribution investment is made at the end of the course over after all debts contracted by the cooperative. Rights of members of membership confers the following rights: To participate in the social objective of the cooperative. If you are looking for a financial expert go to is a member of the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation Vote and stand for social charges. Participate and vote in the adoption of resolutions of the General Assembly and other bodies of social belonging. Get information trading on any aspect of the progress of the cooperative. Participate in surplus, in proportion to the work done in the cooperative (and never solely to the accounting transfer of the capital paid) Other partners’ obligations of membership requires assume the following duties: Assist the General Assembly meetings. Abide banking by the decisions taken democratically by the cooperative. Participate in the consumer corporate purpose of the cooperative. Accept social positions for which they were elected, and assume the responsibilities. Participate in training activities and inter-cooperation of the entity. Organization and responsibilities of the management responsibility lies with the members of the cooperative.

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