Testimony. As I decided to live.

Making the decision to come to study at European Forum was easy to see their teaching methodology was one of the things that excites me and live abroad is an opportunity that must not be missed when commercial presents. Find information on the Internet about Navarre is not complicated, it is all kind of Web pages where we can document. Housing was one of the topics that I seemed more complicated, but he had luck, my cousin, who lives here in Spain helped me. She took the task of traveling to Pamplona and investigate all rented flats. It was not easy financial task, but finally management gave me a list of options and above all gave me his opinion. Here in Spain we have the option companies of renting furnished flats which in my country, Colombia, is not very usual, that makes the situation much easier and cheaper to some extent, since you should not buy furniture and I have to leave or after resell if you want to stay. At last, seeing trading the options that had decided to search Google map and locate each of the places to make a decision as well. The location of European Forum allows several options about where to company live, because transport is very good here and you can banks move easily, everything is relatively close, so the first thing was to decide how far I would like to live, if he would take the bus every day or just walk. Take the last option and market my search was more flat and low and decided to group live in Huarte, in the same place where the European Forum, live consumer three blocks. Living near the banking school has its advantages, among them is the ease of travel, I walk alone, saving time, I take about 10 minutes walking, when I leave school at 2pm just come home and prepare the meal (lunch) and ready, while other peers should take a little longer to get home global and eat, I count the savings in daily payment of tickets. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with a senior client partner at the executive search firm Korn/Ferry International In effect, they may have many advantages but everything depends on the equity pace and way money of life that you like to account wear. On the Internet you can find several real estate where you can obtain information about renting if you have someone to help you jump right in Pamplona or around but remember, loans first define the place where you would like to live and want to have the facilities, thus reducing the circle of possibilities. Luisa Fernanda Gutierrez.

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