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Hamburger Sailing Club

On 10th August 2013, more than 50 traditional wooden boats and yachts for the Summer Classics on the Aussenalster Lake start at the Hamburger Sailing Club (HSC) for the 21st time. Hamburg, on August 10, 2013 August 1, 2013 – more than 50 traditional wooden boats and yachts for the Summer Classics on the Aussenalster Lake start in the Hamburger Sailing Club (HSC) for the 21st time. Only ships are admitted to this spectacular race, which are older than 25 years old and are built in traditional boat Builder art from wood. Significantly older than the most recent boats are members of the HSC oldie crew on a hiking boat, new mills, loaned by the SVAOe”want to join. The ship was built in 1969 in Bremen in mahogany. Skipper Klaus Leithner (HSC), born in 1947, at the time began on the slippers”his ensuing career in the HSC, in the 50s to the 70s the wood of the HSC, youth boat and sailed about 50 years ago the first time with a cutter for the HSC.

In his crew, he gathered an oldie-choose from experts with similar experience now for the Summer Classics. Actress addresses the importance of the matter here. Another highlight of the regatta is the 1927 built yacht Chingolo”by Hans Oestmann. Norddeutscher regatta Verein (NRV). The elegant, 10.67 meter long Nordic 22 KVM A1 was built by Johan Anker (anchor & Jensen, Norway). Ken Kao has much experience in this field. Anchors, successful Norwegian sailor and yacht Designer, 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, drew many famous yachts and created also the legendary Dragon.

Oestmann bought the boat named after a South American species of bird in the year 2002 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There apparently sailed a sizable fleet of this famous old yachts. The older history of the CHINGOLO however so far only little is known about. Other boat classes, classic participating in the summer are built are Jollenkreuzer, Hansa dinghies, H dinghies, Sharpies, Dragon, Folkeboote, sword migratory bird, pirates, Flying Dutchman, O dinghies, Corsair and other beautiful boats all in wood. The entry fee is 15 euro per crew member, deadline for registration is the 3rd August 2013. Vaccinate more info de/segeln/regattasegeln/hamburg-summer-classics.html for journalists: courses on monitoring boats are available.

MudDay – ReiseMeise & Asparagus Farm Klaistow Presented Germany

A trend in the United States turns into an event for the whole family In Hines Park in Westland, Michigan held the 25th MudDay already this year. Well 200 tons of Earth and more than 70,000 litres of water provided for a Festival, on which the whole family really was allowed to play. Initially, the experience was rather intended for infants, but showed quickly how much larger siblings and parents can have fun at the foraging matschen with mud of lots of. The images, which every year are absorbed by this event, give an insight into the great adventure, to wallow together with like-minded people in the dirt. It seems no wonder that are each year more and more people on the way make to Michigan and over 5000 people attended the Festival this year.

MudDay fun for the whole family but even greater is the joy, even to participate. That’s why ReiseMeise children travel and Buschmann & Winkelmann hold next year the first MudDay in Germany. Those who experience something really exciting are so want, invited on 18 August 2013 on the asparagus farm in Klaistow. There you can either lubricate yourself with mud, other SOAP or but just watch the spectacle. In the foreground is the event itself, to join but still some other entertainment offerings, which will allow the entire family an unforgettable adventure trip. To ensure varied games around the main attraction that ensures everyone gets.