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The Robber Without Escolaridade

The policy was called why it had a robery in the Church Catholic of Saint Antonio. Without hesitation actress explained all about the problem. Amongst belongings of the church it was led by it I steal a check coupon stub. A citizen, after to make you vary purchases in the city, is stopped in the box of the supermarket with a check of five a thousand Reals. The young woman of the box, surprise with the value of the credit heading, orders to call the manager. Unfortunately of the purchaser the manager also was part of the statutory audit committee of the church and was soon binding the check to the robery in the matrix.

The carrier of the check was polices delivers it and he did not need half dozens of questions to know that it was about one 171. It is evident that I denounced the youngster as author of fraud crime, since it uses the check coupon stub of the church to apply blows in the city and was with a full truck of moves and household-electric to lead even so of the city. After thirty days of arrest the falsifier was taken for interrogation in judgment. The female judge who presided over the act asked me if to I favorable age the acquittal of the youngster. I said that I would depend on what the male defendant would go to speak.

If it said to the truth I would be in favor of its release, in case that I oppose, my position was for the maintenance of the arrest. I asked to the defendant where it I had gotten that check of five a thousand Reals and it he answered that he receives the check from a cooling purchaser of latinhas of beer and. Beforehand I doubted, a time that one kilo of latinha was bought for R$ 1,50. Soon, she was necessary three tons of latinhas to reach the value of the check. The check had as drawer the Miter Diocesana de Colatina. I looked at for the male defendant and I spoke: My friend, speaks serious, from who you received the check? The face was born for robber, however, it lacked escolaridade to it, this why it, in the expensive greater of wood answered, me: Doctor, I received the check from the Owner Miter, in Colatina.