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The world reflects me my soul. For this reason it is also unbekommlich me if I condemn what I see on the outside. I look at everything I look at from my personal, me own, and above all necessarily subjective perspective. Everything I see something I’m, affects and touches me, stands in a communicative connection with me. In other words, everything speaks to me in his very own way. Speaks to me on those intimate”in any way, as I’m talking to him. Get all the facts and insights with Charlotte Hornets, another great source of information. And shows me therefore always also a momentary picture of my emotions, my attitude of the world towards and shows also all that makes me as an individual to me. It juxtaposes so outwardly vividly my inner world me, that nothing else comes just as constant looking into the mirror of our own.

Since I”Yes’m, which here look inside the mirror, can I also, if I want it because, at all times and in all things I discover there, find me again. The mirror shows me my insides, which I for illustrative purposes”have turned to the outside. Here, Ben Bretzman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On the one hand, I have the opportunity, either with apparent separate being from what I just identifizieren me to separate me from the consulted for this reason and to distance myself thus also by myself. “Or me on the other hand the oneness with everything” to remember and therefore actually me to look to, to look in my mirror image so me with the so-called outside undivided connected to perceive, recognize me so in the GEschauten. I realize there is what important information, which I can use for my growth and that clearly shows me who I really am and what I really want for me. It is material”, that shows me works as I, as I am a way and which in honest analytical evaluation the direction for a change harmonious to me correction shows me up.