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The Objectives of our Genes

The objectives of the genes are not our targets. Although it is quite probable that our morals and our ethics are properties of our mind, whose bases were generated by our genes because the evolutionary advantages that they accounted for them, it is important that the goals of human beings do not correspond to the objectives of our genes. In fact talking about the objectives of the genes is a simple metaphor that can easily understand various aspects of evolution, but which is, strictly speaking, false. Margaret Loesser Robinson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Genes have no targets, because the objectives are notions that have people with advanced treatment of information as humans and some animals (probably apes, elephants, dolphins), which do not have pieces of DNA. To think that our actions must correspond to the most advantageous from an evolutionary standpoint is an unfortunate consequence of ignorance mixed with the theory of evolution. Human beings have the objective of being happy, and this objective is the result of a mechanism called evolution, a mechanism that has no purpose. So many times the actions that increase the happiness of the people correspond to the actions that increase the survival of our genes. But sometimes actions that increase our happiness does not increase survival of our genes, and there is no reason not to undertake such actions, however, the genes (as any piece of molecule) makes little difference. The fact that excited to see a film, enjoy the music, using contraceptives, helping a stranger, do not increase the chances of survival of our genes, it is no reason to stop doing these activities that produce happiness is enough to pursue its activities.