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AIS Basis

Methodological basis for development of existing systems analysis experience in the development of automated information systems (AIS), focused on government administrative territorial units (region, city, area), it is advisable to start with the overall development of the AIS and the ASC for various purposes. 3 of the connection – a bit of history. You may find Adam Sandler to be a useful source of information. Already in the early 60s as a national computer technology and its experience applications in different areas of the country appeared an objective understanding of the need to transition to new organizational management information technology. In 1964, under the guidance of VM Glushkov, developed the first conceptual prospect of a unified state data centers (EGSVTS), designed to rebuild on the basis of paperless technology organizational and economic management at all levels (from individual enterprises and institutions to the State Planning Commission of the country). For several reasons, including, apparently, and the objective associated with the more inadequate capacity in the field of computer technology (BT) and data communications, systems and underdevelopment application software, the steps for the project has been postponed until early 70s. However, in 1965-70 years. were carried out significant amounts of work to create ASC Enterprises (MIS) and industrial process control (OASU) in separate ministries. Rusty holzer describes an additional similar source.

Developing intensively work to create automated process (PCS), and their fusion with the CAM. During these years, and later under the guidance of VM Glushkov conducted extensive research on the development of principles creating a national computerized the system (OGAS) l, defined in the decisions HH1U Party Congress as a national system of data collection and processing of information for accounting, planning and management. Technology base implementation OGAS would serve EGSVTS. Along with the main provisions of the development proposed method OGAS-periodic approaches and mathematical tools Dialog implementation of the new system of planning (DISPLAN) to ensure the agreed conversion plans on the level of Gosplan to shops and sites. As one of the main problems to be solved OGAS, postulated the problem of automated interaction op-makers territorial and sectoral management (via The corresponding ACS), so that the plans of the sectoral and a territorial development were always interconnected.

We note, however, that such a mechanism has been the link between be found only in very general terms. The result of years of research in this area were the 'main provisions OGAS' 2 approved by the SCST of the USSR, whose preparation was undoubtedly the most significantly step developing the methodology, the definition of the method-period basis and prospects for the development of organizational governance on the basis of new information technologies. Despite the overall assessment polozhitelvnuyu this document, should be however, emphasize that proper consideration of 'territorial' issues related primarily to the social, environmental and humanitarian aspects of development, and development of the corresponding automated administrative territorial units (region, city, state) in this light due attention was not paid. Were not considered substantive matters of special (functional) status of these objects, and features information support of the territorial administration. The corresponding territorial ACS (shuffling) of the control were presented as essentially mechanical connection territorial many different parts of OASU.