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Woody Allen Is Closer Zaporozhtsya

Each of our lives is nearly impossible without a movie – it's nice to see after a hard day's melodrama with a loved one in an embrace, pohohotat family of comedy or go with friends to the cinema to fiction fighter, or even "horror". And after the films viewed, under the influence of different situations in life or inspired by dreams, each of us to attend from time to time desire to write your own script for the movie box office, or, on the television series. But to complete the planned quality requires not only a strong sense of the creative impulse, but also the knowledge and skills in this way. And to help solve the situation starts kinoamatoram called on international organizations Cinemahall. Together with the female art-club "Happiness" and the Youth Organization of the Deaf "Our schaslive life", she realizes in the Zaporozhye region, a unique project – Festivals Amateur movie Cinemahall show" designed to help novice filmmaker in professional growth and give impetus to the development of quality of Ukrainian cinema. As part of the Festival on Feb. 4, 2011 visited Zaporozhye outstanding French cultural activist, writer, traveler, filmmaker and biographer of Woody Allen Ruben Landsberger one-day educational projects. Almost immediately after arriving from Kiev to the great city of the Cossacks, Ruben went to the morning broadcast of the regional TV channel "Alex", which presented his new book "Voices of Desire, described the current situation of the world, and French cinema and invited viewers to the evening author's master class, "Woody Allen and his best movies." After a small tour of cultural sites Zaporozhye, Ruben was the main speaker of the press conference at the press center of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (which is from the official activities flowed quickly in a lively interesting conversation sides), where he told the audience of reporters to his visit to Kiev, Kiev kinoprodakshene of their own "Cat and Dog", his personal plans to further Producing young Ukrainian filmmakers with interesting patterns and open up the evening by copyright and master classes. The master-class of Ruben "Woody Allen and his best films was held in large auditorium of the Culture House of the Deaf (UTOG) in the form of interactive lectures with breaks for film screenings of the great American filmmaker Allen: "Manhattan", "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and "Annie Hall." The two-hour Cossacks conversation with French director flowed smoothly in a friendly tea party with talk not only about Woody Allen, but also representatives of other great film.