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Heavy Infantry

While he was a bit older than him, he had military experience and was noted for his strength, temperament and skill in the art of war. I was definitely intended to bring the glory as a great general of the republic. The camp along the river Aufidus, divided into two sections, a larger camp on the right side of the river and a small one on the left bank. Thousands of soldiers in a row coming through its doors every hour, forming a large congestion entry, they all came for the big showdown. On the plains of Cannae would battle southeast of the Apennine peninsula. The place had been taken by the forces of Hannibal, which triggered the mobilization of the Romans to be a strategic point for both trade flows and for the army’s food supply. The enemy camp was on the opposite bank of the river, within walking distance.

Everything was ready for the decisive battle. Once inside the camp, the war was a reality. The first thing that surprised them both is the magnitude of the camp. It was a real city by the thousands of men and stores. The military environment is associated with the blows of the blacksmith, strong smells, with pigs and chickens across the street. As for the attitude of the troops, rather than fear, perceived concern. The constant murmurs were proof of the unrest.

Passing the Via principalis and approaching the high command, that sense of seriousness and concern grew. Third was surprised. It was amazing how I could do the will of one man against the power of Rome. Arriving at their stores, and Gnaeus Third would be received by a soldier who would accommodate their horses and would inform them of the situation. To the surprise of both, there was an triario, who was excited to receive addressing especially Gnaeus. – Cneo? yCneo Mexentio? – Said triario who was nearing the trot. Third noted the heavy armament of triario. Seeing with his heavy plate armor, holding his left hand the hilt of his sheathed sword, gave the impression that it was facing a master of combat. However, what caught his attention, was his pointed helmet of bronze, with a reinforced rear extension to the neck and with a gaudy feathers sticking out, as it not only involved a head full protection, but a feature reflecting veteran’s pride. “As has been Aulus, long time no see,” said a friendly Gnaeus Triarios: Heavy Infantry. Founded by veterans in placing the third line of training, behind hastati and princeps, units were lower in rank and experience. They were armed with a long spear (which set them apart from other units), a gladius (short sword) and a large shield. Because of this, the triarios were part of an upper class, to enable them to cover their arms.