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Instituting Society

Does the proposed parallel government only have that instance? “Not sure. I propose the creation of a Comptroller to monitor the actions of the Comptroller General of the Republic. The establishment of an Office for monitoring the actions of the Attorney General’s Office. The establishment of an Ombudsman to monitor the actions of the Ombudsman. The formation of a commission to monitor the behavior of the current judiciary. And in relation to the National Assembly? – I propose the convening of a National Assembly Institute devoted to the study and monitoring of all laws passed by the current National Assembly. Would consist of representatives from throughout the country (National Academies, universities, unions, professional associations, business associations, confederations and federations of workers, students, teachers, representatives of the province and civil society).

Why talk of instituting? What is the difference with Constituent? – Both concepts are different. Implies a Constituent Assembly election, with all that this rigging. It involves instituting a representative democracy overcome to make it a daily exercise of democracy as interference. In other words, disrupting what has been until now the relationship between society and institutions. Instituting society must change reality. A society is far more than instituting a recipient of the original power.

A A A instituting society is one whose true purpose is itself as the State, democracy and simple means all institutions. However, within this society established the institutions that reproduces the only possibility is to consider which implies transcending decision making. So much of what one must be established that society itself must be reversed in instituting proceedings. The rule of law is thus a simple transit and social state of law-even in its most advanced, a simple way in pursuit of what legal and political science began to call advanced or post-social democratic state. This is a time when politics was no longer space of redemption into a frustrating impossibility. Proposed that Assembly would be almost riotous Maybe without the almost, but this does not daunt me. With Habermas I approach this concept and not afraid. Do you think that your proposal will have some support? When I speak I do to counteract the negative trends to inaction. And also to ease my conscience. In any case I think if it is not the formation of this unit of study and monitoring of both the executive and parliament who oppose or ignore it is quite likely they have to form a government in exile.