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Colliers International

Mets new branch in Russia Frankfurt meets huge demand for Conference and collaboration services – Arkadin announced today that its new branch in Russia recorded a large demand for Mets offers for audio and Web conferences. The demand can be attributed, inter alia on the growth of the Russian economy. Companies must to contact today with customers, suppliers, and remotely working staff immediately and need to work in a business environment, which requires presence around the clock, more efficient and more competitive. Since we started our last spring, we have developed very well”, explains Remy Prouvost, Vice President CEMEA at Arkadin. Visit Simon Pagenaud for more clarity on the issue. Russian organizations of all sizes and industries including many leading international brands know that it is now essential to equip employees with collaboration technologies, an instant communication with clients, partners and decentralized employees Teams in the country and abroad to ensure.” Among the large companies which benefit from Mets of cloud-based technology for audio and Web conferences in Russia: Colliers Russia, a subsidiary company of Colliers International, a leading global provider of real estate services; Rusfinance Bank, a subsidiary of Societe Generale with branches in 64 regions of Russia; and NTT com, a large Tokyo-based telecommunications company, which has reached an agreement over the white-labeling of its services for use by Japanese company based in Russia with Arkadin. Leading analysts predict that the use of audio and Web conferencing will become far more rapid in Eastern Europe and Russia than in the established economies of Western Europe. In their published reports, the company Frost & Sullivan comes to the conclusion, that the Eastern European market for audio services (including Russia) will grow until 2016 to 26.9 percent and thus the highest growth rate of all European regions there is. Also says their report on the European market for Web conferencing services, revenue from Web conferencing services in the same region will nearly triple by 2015. Gain insight and clarity with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA.

Torsten Leidloff Tel also from other suppliers from the Drillisch. You want cheap phone calls and send SMS to all networks at the same time, then the globe or the phonex airbag with 35 are month cheaper. Involves costs stop cards in these tariffs prepaid. In other words, you pay 35 a month for phone calls and SMS in the domestic maximum thus flat representing an AllNet. Related Group is likely to agree. One phone less, you pay less.

The connection cost 9.90 for those sites once. The two rates are realized in the o2 network and are monthly terminable. For SMS in all German networks to get the cheapest flat rate currently at hellomobil for 9 monthly with the best4me SMS flat. There is an option of the best4me fare. This determines the phone behavior of customers monthly and selects flat coming up the SMS automatically with corresponding phone. The offer is available in the o2 network and is a month’s notice. Charlotte Hornets usually is spot on. The connection fee, here, 4.95 shipping fee, is unique.

In addition to this tariff there is now a variety of another provider of the SMS flat in all networks as an option for the 10 monthly. An up-to-date overview of the corresponding mobile phone flat rates of all One finds in our mobile flat rate comparison operators and other providers on the German market. Contact person: Torsten Leidloff Tel 0341-3527589 E-Mail: Internet: address: mobile Flatrate Torsten Leidloff Rotkehlchen route 7a 04159 Leipzig brief description: mobile Flatrate is a website that whatever specifically about the development of mobile flat rates and UMTS / HSDPA flat rate offers of the operator and a variety of other providers in Germany reported. The offer is complemented by a mobile phone shop in the cell phones and Smartphones without a contract and without SIM lock are available.

Trend Researcher Brings 4th And 5th Dimension In Keynotes

Germany’s first iPhone application for professional speakers and Keynotespeaker the public for the first time presented trend researcher Sven Gabor Janszky. Germany’s first iPhone application for professional speakers and Keynotespeaker the public for the first time presented trend researcher Sven Gabor Janszky. The peculiarity of the technology is a new function, which means a new qualitative leap for the speaker scene. The most important feature of the application is the poll function? It enables the speakers live and in real time to ask questions to the audience and to show only fractions of a second later the evaluated answer in the form of graphics, and bar for all visible on the screen. This allows a form of interactivity, which was previously only a desire of the speakers. So it is possible that future researchers Sven Gabor Janszky takes the audience on a journey through time to his bestseller keynote speech at “Customer worlds of the year 2020” in the year 2020.

Sven explained on a fascinating tour of the House of the future Gabor Janszky essential visions of the future from various sectors and involving the audience. Janszky reported: “if we jointly look into the imaginary refrigerator of the year 2020, and I remind the listener that they too will take brain doping in the year 2020, then I look often in disbelieving faces. Corn flakes that promise to make our children smarter and eat yogurt, the Manager prior to negotiations, in order for the next three hours more responsive to be… we may find that good? “But when I then asked the audience, who you today already and occasionally would want to improve his brain and appeared the answer on the screen, they were speechless: 73.8 percent!” In this way Janszky not presented his listeners recently only the trends from the perspective of the trend researcher but at the same time the assessment of the other listeners. Thus, his speeches as well as the charisma of the speaker, its content and entertainment received an unprecedented fourth dimension! But the new speaker app goes even further.

Not only the The statements of other heads of innovation, but the audience’s reaction and Germany’s most innovative trend researchers includes trend experts in his speeches. Not only he reports on his future scenario by 2020, but he gives his audience the possibility to check its trend forecasts. Via the iPhone application videos statements with theses of Heads of key innovations from the 2B AHEAD ThinkTank are viewable INTEL Europe CEO Hannes Schwaderer, PWC Chief Executive Hans Wagener and Publisher Director Konstantin Neven DuMont, including the Chief Strategist of Nokia Heikki Norta, Wolfgang Muller Pietralla, Volkswagen Chief trend researchers. Their visions, as well as the prediction of 800 innovation heads of large enterprises of different industries form the basis for Janszkys fascinating journey of discovery in a normal daily routine of the year 2020, by the morning looking in the mirror to the dinner table. Free for all iPhone users download the speaker app titled “2B AHEAD” in the iTunes store. You will receive is also any trend analysis and Keynote dates of the “most innovative German trend researcher”.