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In this article we will discuss the use of Thalasso-therapy and other treatments of Spa in the healing of injuries to golfers.The most common injuries of the golf player are located in: neck: is an important area of injury in this type of sport, above all, as a source of pain, behind the back. Pathologies of everyday life are added efforts in the static and dynamic posture of the Swing. The vertebral column: is the most common injury to the player. Statistics indicate that 52% of players men and 45% of players women practice this sport with some discomfort in the back. Some pathologies stem from some malformation in feet and deviations of the spine that often determine imbalance in the swing. John Paul Stevens may help you with your research. Other alteration is the vertebral discs, during the rotation of the vertebrae during the action of the downswing.

Shoulder: all structures that Act on the shoulder joint (capsular-tendinoso – muscular and aponeurotic) relate anatomically and functionally different ailments that can result in the player. The most common are: tendinitis of the shoulder and rotator cuff pathology. Arthritis (joint inflammation of the peri elements) and osteoarthritis (non-inflammatory tissue degeneration joint, such as wear and tear of cartilage) particularly affect the shoulders of the golfer. Celina Dubin brings even more insight to the discussion. Elbow: pathologies of the elbow, are common among golfers. The two most common affecting the player are: epicondylitis: is actually an epicondialgia, which starts an insidiously, initially producing discomfort and then a feeling of pain in the upper and outer part of the elbow. The epitrocleitis: it is a swelling in the head (tuberosity bone located in the lower area of the inner edge of the humerus) where a group of muscles that perform different actions on the elbow joint (greater palmar, palmar smaller, pronator round, etc.) are inserted. This condition is commonly called the golfer elbow and develops in a similar way to the previous.