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Dancing Workshop

Pizzica and tarantella, Tammuriata – dances from southern Italy in a course on BURG FuRSTENECK a dance workshop with dances from the South of Italy Margherita D’ Amelio invites the Academy BURG FuRSTENECK in the framework of the “Prince Ecker Akkordeonale” from 2 to 4 December 2011 under direction of the German-speaking Italian. The Academy organizes the Akkordeonale workshops in the middle of Germany in cooperation with Servais Haanen. The traditional dances from southern Italy participating in mood, ambiance and joie de vivre of that culture plunge. The fascination and beauty of these dances is caused by the power of expression and by the coexistence of the dancing. It is the mutual force measurement, eroticism and passion as well as the playful interaction of dancers. Three different dances from southern Italy are taught in this workshop: the Pizzica and tarantella del Gargano in Puglia, as well as the Tammuriata from Campania.

When the Pizzica, a distinction is made between the Pizzica Tarantata and Pizzica de core. The Pizzica Tarantata is a therapeutic dance with mythical roots. According to legend a Tarantula bite one to survive the bite only through the day wild dance of the Tarantata. The Pizzica de core is danced in pairs. This rhythmic dance expresses joy, love and passion. The tarantella del Gargano, named after a peninsula in the North of Apulia, is a couple dance with Italian castanets.

The Tammurriata from the region around Mount Vesuvius is a couple dance with castanets and means “Dance to the drum”. The dancers and dancers are accompanied in Italy mainly traditional song and the Tamburello, an Italian frame drum. Those who wish can learn both singing and drumming in the course. The playing style of the southern Italian (so not the Spanish!) Castanets are taught. Then a real is “ronda”, in which participants themselves live accompaniment, the highlight of the workshop… Also meetings with the parallel Akkordeonist/innen tarantella workshop are planned. Information about the origin and history of the music and Dance tradition and its change under urban conditions supplement the program. Margherita D’ Amelio was born in Apulia, southern Italy home of the “tarantella”, but lived in Germany for years. She is the founder of the dance group “TarantScalza” and lecturer for the professional dance at the Leo Kestenberg music school in Berlin. More information and registration see: company description BURG FuRSTENECK is a place of free and creative education. We would like to invite you to a course in lovingly restored historic buildings. Free from usual commitments focus on educational content and activities: professional music cultural do, family, health, nature.

Special Festivals

International festivals and recipes on our world live millions of people who have different nationalities and celebrate customs. Festivals are the only commonality that unites all and should be particularly fun. American independence day is the fourth of July. On this day, America’s birthday is celebrated as a free and independent nation. Anywhere you see the American flag and large fireworks on this day. Also, concerts and picnics today mark this festival.

The Chinese new year Festival is not celebrated in Europe at the end of the year. The Chinese are based on the Lunisorkalender. The new year Festival is held between January 21 and February 21. Just like all the other people on the Earth, the Chinese celebrate new year on this day. Fireworks, Dragon and lion dances are customs. the zelebrien this festival. As well, it is accompanied by mahjong – games.

Christmas and thus the birth of Jesus is celebrated in Russia on 6th January. Most Russians already present new year’s Eve, so there is usually Christmas no Christmas present. On this day most Russians to the worship in the Church and then celebrate in the family circle further. One of the most important festivals for the German population, is Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on the 24th of December. On this day, some people in the Church go or celebrate at home with a Christmas tree and eating. For many people, but not alone this day is especially, but the entire advent season in December. You can browse Christmas new recipes for cookies, for example, on the Internet at Cooking Forum. Finally, I would like to everyone have fun at the celebrate wish.

Guggenmusiken Music

Online magazine in the conversation with Uwe Grauli, head of the German Music Association at an angle, wrong, fame, exhilarating: this is currency of the German Guggenmusik Championship on January 4, 2009 in the Europa-Park in rust near Freiburg. online magazine presents this event organised by the German Music Association as target clubs and associations. With editor Gerd-Niels Wotzel Association President Uwe is expressed in the interview Garcia on the situation of this particular music, the roots of which reach back to the 16th century. If 15 Guggenmusiken compete at the beginning of the year dome in the Europa-Park, the visitors dance on the tables and not only there. For Grauli, this music is on the rise and inspired people beyond the borders of the Carnival and the Swabian Alemannic origin area in southern Germany, of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, until in the new world and the far East. There young problems, as it is to women’s groups, clubs can music for their anniversaries book, what is the secret of success and what are top events of the “wrong beautiful music”? Answers are the interview under the rubric of ‘Events’ from. A preview is available at “Theme parks” on the Championship, a high point of the music scene in Germany. The editorial online magazine for social groups and clubs travel focused with clear navigation decision makers in particular travel-intensive societies and organizations as walking clubs, choirs, chapels and Spielmann trains, rural women, adult education centres and evening academies as well as bus and group tour operators and travel agencies, who themselves organize group trips and market. Gerd-Niels Wotzel