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Create Your Own Business Online

Be sure to keep your visitors focused only buy your product and sales rise. 6. Are you using testimonials effectively? As I have said many times, testimonials are one of the most powerful tools to make sales. Nothing says, “Buy this now,” as a recommendation of an impartial third party. If your site is brand new and you do not have any testimonials yet, give your product a few friends and ask them for who can provide testimony about how this worked for them.

7. Your warranty covers the risk of buying? A good warranty is an essential tool for selling, especially on the Internet. Unless you have a brand large (such as Sony, Walmart, Pepsi) that your customers are inherently trust, you need to let you know that you rely on your product. Reassure them by telling them that if they are not 100% satisfied they can request a full refund of your money. And remember, that a longer warranty typically produce more sales, less refunds. 8. Your price is too high? Or too low? Most people know that if the product price is too high, you will hurt their sales.

But this may also be true if your price is too low. People get suspicious when the price is below their expectations. They think this is probably “too good to be true” and as a result, they will not feel safe making the purchase. 9. Is your ordering system easy to use? Just because you can figure out how to navigate through your ordering process does not mean that your customer can. If you want to make sure your computer system is “friendly”, find a few friends are not very agile on the Internet and get them to ask for your product. Look over your shoulder and take notes. Where they hit? Be sure to fix the problems they found, because their potential customers are finding them, too! 10. Do you have a good sales letter? If you are not using a well written sales letter to sell your product, then you will never achieve success online. It’s that simple. Whether your particular site needs a short letter or a long letter, the fact will always remain: Your product will not be sold! You need to find the right words to do the job. Here are the 10 questions that we always do to evaluate when our website is not converting visitors to sales. Once I can answer “yes” to all 10 questions, I always see a substantial improvement in site conversion rate.