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Clothing Styles

At the heart of country music styles are images of European displaced persons, have appeared in the American West in the late xix – early xx century. Typically, these were the last inhabitants of the villages or the city suburbs. Many of them were Irish or come from other parts of Old England. Fashion designers working in this direction, dreams about the urban dweller in the country and vice versa, interweaving various cultures and epochs. Colors are used mostly muted, pastels – all shades of brown, gray, beige, ocher. Fans of country style injected into your wardrobe with new items of the season, only those that resonate with their state of mind.

Variants of the wardrobe of a woman dressed in country style, are as follows: suit jacket with wide-cut, leather buttons, skirt, rough knitted clothes. For the models she chooses thick fabrics such as tartan, cells tweed. He wears thick socks and shoes on a flat thick soles. Folk Style This modern style of clothing, using the elements of national dress. Suits in this style are made of natural fabrics of natural colors. Used for finishing embroidery, openwork, lace, ruffles, lacing, weaving Sometimes there are applique and patchwork. The most common pattern – geometric, is well combined with the structure of tissue. It colored beads, beads, etc.

A focus on waist, such as a wide belt with lacing. Usually a wide long skirts or dresses, blouses with heavily prisborennymi at armhole sleeves. Neckline often with a high clasp or round with a prodernutoy kulisku on neck cord.