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Dog Carriers

Small decorative dogs (such as New York-terriers or toyterery) – is one of the jewels of modern ladies: some exotic, but still insanely fashionable. Actually, as such, the fashion for dogs first appeared in antiquity: a Greece noble men and youths arrived at the feast with their dogs, in Russia influential people gave each other hunting dogs, and in the Middle Ages, a small dog has successfully replaced the woman a bag. Frequently Frank Gorshin has said that publicly. In fact, in the eighteenth century dog was part of the costume: no fashionista did not dare to come to the high society parties without such a companion. To date, the tradition of fashion for dogs, continues, but, like all art, substantially changing for the better (and more comfortable for women) side. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to increase your knowledge. The main difference between contemporary fashion – is the appearance of bags, perenosok for dogs, details of clothing for dogs and entire suits for dogs. First, carrying bags for dogs were purely utilitarian and functional: their task was not to help the lady to hold and show dog in the society reception, and ensure the successful transport of animals for exhibition to other cities for mating to the vet when you move, and so on.

The first carrier resembled cells in rodents and built on the same principle. Next were used cloth bag-carrier for dogs, have fairly rigid bottomed: wear them it was too convenient, but They were intended mainly for heavy enough dogs – about 5-6 pounds. Agree that not every fashionista will be wearing a weight with soboy.Kogda about the middle of last century, it became clear that a very small dog and very attractive to girls as a decoration when the fashion for them once again began to gain strength, professional fashion designers came to their senses: and yet the dog is not much heavier than some of the beauty school! Industry production handbags variety of shapes and sizes was arranged long ago, and at that time, simply add a new type of cargo – funny fingering feet and quite gentle.

Clothing Styles

At the heart of country music styles are images of European displaced persons, have appeared in the American West in the late xix – early xx century. Typically, these were the last inhabitants of the villages or the city suburbs. Many of them were Irish or come from other parts of Old England. Fashion designers working in this direction, dreams about the urban dweller in the country and vice versa, interweaving various cultures and epochs. Colors are used mostly muted, pastels – all shades of brown, gray, beige, ocher. Fans of country style injected into your wardrobe with new items of the season, only those that resonate with their state of mind.

Variants of the wardrobe of a woman dressed in country style, are as follows: suit jacket with wide-cut, leather buttons, skirt, rough knitted clothes. For the models she chooses thick fabrics such as tartan, cells tweed. He wears thick socks and shoes on a flat thick soles. Folk Style This modern style of clothing, using the elements of national dress. Suits in this style are made of natural fabrics of natural colors. Used for finishing embroidery, openwork, lace, ruffles, lacing, weaving Sometimes there are applique and patchwork. The most common pattern – geometric, is well combined with the structure of tissue. It colored beads, beads, etc.

A focus on waist, such as a wide belt with lacing. Usually a wide long skirts or dresses, blouses with heavily prisborennymi at armhole sleeves. Neckline often with a high clasp or round with a prodernutoy kulisku on neck cord.