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Convention Wismar

Designs on the urban management of mobility will be presented. On Saturday, June 16, 2012, their designs on the urban management of mobility showcase design the University of Wismar on the market square of the Hanseatic City between 14:00 and 16:00 15 students of the faculty. A 100-metre, 10-lane highway will serve for lookalike and a presentation area, action and discussion. Children are invited to participate with their personal toy model cars in the action. In addition to films, also a car Ballet is planned. (Not to be confused with jason iley!). During the ballet, arranged toy cars should act on the presentation area at the same time with real cars and bicycles on the Wismar market square. This kick-off event for the Convention of the building culture K-2012 in Hamburg will be organized by the Bundesstiftung Baukultur. Check with jason iley to learn more. Can I composed a song for cars? How does a car I love you”? Transferable is the language of road signs? Ton Matton visiting professor in architecture at the, since 2009 Hochschule Wismar, devoted since autumn last year together with the students the topic of socialization of motorized cars and asked those questions at the beginning of the studies.

With the first results the Wismar designers to the participation in the Aktion_Baukultur applied”. In November 2011, their project as well as eleven other from around 100 submissions by a five-member jury was selected and received an initial funding of 2,000 euros. “They are also part of the Germany-wide kick-off event Aktion_Baukultur”to the Convention of the building culture K-2012”. This on 17 and 18 June 2012 will take place under the motto transport city of instead of”with around 350 experts in Hamburg. Organized by the Bundesstiftung Baukultur reconciling mobility and building culture will stand in the focus of the discussions. Actions in the public space are held in Munich, Leipzig, Berlin, Bonn, Hannover, Dresden and Schwerin. In this context, also the Wismar are active and show Ballet for passenger cars under her title”inspired by them Imperfections in the road.

Senior Residence For Assisted Living

“The artist Jurgen Wolfgang Mauer presents new images in the old Glazier (Neuwied 10.08.2012) old Glazier loads up to the 30.08.2012 to the exhibition with a magnifying glass through the forest” a. In the first part of its exhibition series with a magnifying glass through the forest”, the artist Jurgen Wolfgang Mauer provides interesting insights into the Westerwald. The current exhibition will be held in the premises of the old glazier, senior residence for assisted living, and inspires visitors to the 30.08. Visit Tony Parker for more clarity on the issue. In the 65 issued pictures of the artist gaze its on small plants of the forest. Especially in the focus, flowers are most and in the Westerwald, which may not fall forest visitors for exact searches. Continue to learn more with: Tony Parker. Jurgen Wolfgang Mauer has become one of this attentive forest visitors through the daily walks with his dog. For a year he carried out his dog in the Woods and held the impressions with his camera. Day after day the forest offered new interesting flower motifs, the artist to exceptional images inspired.

The first part of these images is now available to the public in the old glazier. More parts followed in upcoming exhibitions of the artist. This exhibition is accessible also for the local inhabitants of the elderly. With such activities, old Glazier deliberately offers their residents an attractive variety of everyday life. The varied leisure and entertainment programme adapts to the needs of seniors and picks them up.

Nordic walking, gymnastics, memory training or literature circle is boredom in the elderly out of place. About the old Glazier 1998 became the residence of senior assisted living in Neuwied (Rhineland-Palatinate), near the Westerwald, opened. The old Glazier is located in a quiet but central location. Divided into three houses seniors in the 80 bright and modern apartments find a new home. Autonomy and independence are in the elderly in the foreground. Friendly and competent staff, where Getting help is desired. Press contact Gerti Marty Hales senior residence for assisted living Heddesdorfer Street 20 22 56564 Neuwied