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Creating Prosperity

There is no free lunch. many years ago a wise old king called his wise and gave the following charge: Write it as a book to leave to posterity. To broaden your perception, visit Tony Parker. The wise men left their king and worked for a long period of time. After which they returned to the king with the result of his work that satisfied. There were twelve large volumes, and proudly proclaimed that this was truly the wisdom of all time. The king saw the twelve volumes and said: Gentlemen, I am sure this is the wisdom of all time, and that contains the knowledge that we inherit from humanity. more knowledge.. However, it is so long that I fear that people will not read it. Condense it, he ordered them. Again the wise worked long and hard before going with one thick volume.

But the king knew that this was still too long, so he ordered them to condense their work further. The wise reduced the volume to a chapter, then to a page, then a paragraph, and finally to a prayer. When the old king Wise felt the sentence was jubilant and said: Gentlemen, this is truly the wisdom of all time. And as soon as men everywhere know it will resolve most of our problems. The prayer said simply: “NO FREE LUNCH.” The Work and the old king got it right. When men learn that if they want to occupy their proper places and conveniently will have to wait until they blister of work will have accomplished a lot.