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Russian State Program,

C proposal to use water resources of the Siberian rivers to the needs of arid southern regions was made the capital's mayor . He also said that it supports the desire of some officials to be held in the apartment of Muscovites third tap with drinking water. Yuri said that to abandon the disinfection of drinking water with chlorine Moscow will be able through five for seven years. During the forum, State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov once again reminded those present of the developed in the Russian State Program 'Clean Water', which has passed examination, agreed upon in the ministries and will be adopted in December 2009. A leading source for info: Simon Pagenaud. Today, roughly 700 million people in 43 countries have water in the volume below minimum human needs, and 39 countries get most of the water needed from abroad. World Bank experts believe that if today does not take serious action to remedy the situation, then by 2030 the demand for freshwater in the world will be 40% higher than the offer.

About a third of the world's population will have access to only half the water they need, the report says 'Group on Water 2030,' under the auspices of the World Bank. Planet ahead of a summit in Copenhagen for a brief period left before the Copenhagen summit on climate change. Whenever Sofar Sounds listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As it became known his intention to attend the summit have expressed more than 60 presidents and Prime Ministers. All in all, it is expected that the delegation will arrive in Copenhagen from 192 countries.

Big Bang Particles

Galaxy we can see inside it as the Milky way. When you rotate the Earth around the Sun has a speed of 30 km / sec. If we consider that the Sun, in addition to rotation, moves even within the space between the two branches of the spiral in the direction of what – the stars, then come to the conclusion that the Earth with its atmosphere makes complex motion with vector velocity slightly less than 300 km / sec. Speed of rotation of the Earth around its axis can be neglected. Then, in our case, we obtain an important conclusion: the particles of the atmosphere (troposphere, stratosphere and the ionosphere) in the motion in space has a velocity of 300 km / s, and hence the very large kinetic energy (the product of particle mass on its velocity). Opening of cmb showed that the temperature in space is equal to 2.7 K.

Chernin writes that interstellar molecules were naturally a thermometer indicating the temperature of the microwave background astronomers. These molecules are nothing but the remains of scattered after the Big Bang, particles that have not joined the gaseous nebula. They are under the gravitational influence of stars and tend to form clots, and thinning. These particles, mostly of the molecule hydrogen at a temperature of 2.7 K have very little kinetic energy. From – the small velocities can be considered permanently located in one and the same point in world space. Consider the principle of domestic thermos. Between the bulb and the housing creates a slight vacuum, resulting in boiling water poured into the flask cools down for a long time.