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Bathrooms For Relaxation

Installing a home spa is no longer a luxury available to a few. Star actresss opinions are not widely known. they are designed to provide comfort and relaxation. A bathtubs with more sophisticated functions have become the pillars of shower jets that allow installing them, just without works, in the old tub or shower. In the market are models other than shower trays, sizes and shapes (rectangular, square, angle, etc.).. However, you can create a shower to fit, using water-resistant coating materials. They are ideal tropical woods such as iroko, the wenge or teak (treated with special coatings to resist the water.) They are also suitable as: stone materials (marble, slate, stone Colmenar, etc.).

And as for ceramic tile, the mosaic floor is perfect because having too many meetings, it is not slippery. When time permits, there is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath in a bathtub. If your space permits bathroom, ideal location is under the window, to enjoy the natural light. A traditional bathtubs, porcelain or cast iron (stronger, but feel colder), we must add the possibility of installing a bathtub exempt. Today, these models have experienced a true revival and are very beautiful designs in all styles, from the air more “retro” with traditional curved legs to the most innovative, absolutely sculptural forms. The ideal is to focus the spotlight on them, granting them all the attention, although it must be borne in mind that require extensive space dimensions. Another possibility is in the bathtub models embedded in the ground, who manage to give the bathroom a feeling of more space. It can be installed on a slope covered the same material as the rest of the pavement or placed on a higher platform, which will simultaneously serve to delimit the area visually.

Some suggestions: Access to the shower through a few steps breaks up the ground level and brings dynamism in the decoration. Should be protected with a glass cabin. The glass panels are ideal for small bathrooms, it does not detract from visual depth to the room. You can opt for an open cockpit version. They are the most comfortable, can be located in an area bounded by walls lined with the same tile as the rest of the bathroom in order to maintain continuity decorative. In marble. The classic version, without doubt, one of the most elegant: the car totally covered in marble. Today, hot tubs are the same size as traditional designs, that allow you a true spa in the bathroom, so beneficial functions and sophisticated color therapy or aromatherapy.

Choosing A Paint Color For The Walls

Painting is responsible for protecting all surfaces of the house, both inside and the outside, covering doors, windows, furniture, walls and even the different hardwood flooring and other materials. Whether a specific color or transparent, such as varnishes, lacquers, waterproofing. Painting is also the base of the interior, starting from the choice of colors for each home environments continues fabrics, furniture and decorative accessories that will culminate the work of interior design. Colors affect the mood of the occupants of the house, in the sensations and the perception of space. So choose the colors shown to promote work in the office, rest in the bedroom and in different parts of the house is essential to avoid creating unwanted climates.

Colors and Size Environments tones are known to preferentially cool and clear and create a visual sensation of spaciousness. Therefore it is used in confined, however dark and warm colors decrease environments. It is very common paint the ceilings white to ward off the roof of the observer visually and thus less stressful to the interior, whereas in the high ceilings can use another shade darker. The warm and cool colors warm colors are preferred in cold climates to provide a cozy feeling in the interior, accompanied with hardwood floors and warm lights. In contrast, the cool shades, colors, light blue, green, and white is preferred in hot climates to provide a sense of freshness. Whenever personal tastes should be favored in terms of colors to choose, maintaining harmony in the whole house or apartment. Some recommend that at least 2 thirds of the property is of the same color, highlighting each room a different color in only one wall and / or supplements. Learn how to paint every room in your house, painting techniques, colors and combinations recommended and decoration techniques.