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Clubs Beer Sect Meeting

The big party for all beer lovers in the Office Tower in Weimar Weimar, September 1st, 2009 to the Saturday, September 05, 2009 will take place from 8: 00 the big Beer Festival in the Office Tower in Weimar. This is the beer sect again many beer lovers and beer sect members from all over Germany also non – Club members are welcome. “In the Office Tower, two live bands will play, Mastoles” and the Crashkit “create atmosphere with rock music. Other highlights are the year’s election of the beer King, a big raffle, best party music and of course regional beer specialities. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tony Parker has to say. The grill is burning. The brunch with free beer on Sunday (06.09.09) will round off the Festival. Previously, the cult of beer for beer lovers offers a trip to the Club brewery Apolda. Saturday a bus in direction Apolda to the Brewery tour and subsequent tasting – for all 5 euro starts 15: 00 at the bus station of Weimar. Places are still free registration at.

The Available

Price generally is equivalent to the ratio of money to any subjects of market exchange. As the number of which should include three categories: goods, money, goods, as a transitional form from goods to money, money itself in pure form. 5. Interpretation of price 5.1. Philosophy of prices from a philosophical standpoint, any goods exchange is an exchange of capabilities between the subjects of exchange. Between people, in the long run. The physical nature of the product and its origin does not have, thus, in principle values.

Since the main thing is not what is good by nature and how it arose, and what he can give a person. What are the opportunities to give. These opportunities are just and there is something in common, uniform quality that compares and equated in the exchange of goods. And do not work, say, as some think. This product is only the bearer and the natural unit of measurement of the specific opportunities that it provides the person. However, with the emergence of the money commodity exchanges is not on some other specific commodity, not to other specific features, and all the opportunities that may be granted subject market. To market, exchange opportunities in general.

For the money, and are evidence of the universal unit of measurement of any specific opportunities. They can be exchanged for any of the available market opportunities. Of course, to the extent that amount of available money. Thus, the essence of the exchange value that arises in barter exchange is the exchange of one specific human capabilities to another particular feature, but price is the essence of exchange of specific opportunities in all market opportunities.