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Lage Park

Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas – another wonder of this city. We had that to drink a toast per the day, the victory, tired, exactly happy. Ah, the track Lage Park? Corcovado (in the specific case is written same with ‘ ‘ g’ ‘), already I covered it as many times. I remember that it was the second heavy track that my beloved S.M.B made with me, so pretty it and has led as a small bird and fort as a tigresa. In the day where it was my friend E.B, great master, also was. Currently when S.M.B go I it to take waterfall bath later we go to lunch in the Severina. Each cited place can be gone some times, therefore each time is as if she was the first one.

It is not a mere repetition. The sensations are new, always have the well-being sensation, however. Nirvana is reached. Serious! I am not making irony with something so serious. suggestions. I ask for please that also it has not led for religious connotation. Rock of the Topsail, as to describe what we feel when arriving there? The proper act to cover these tracks already is something that in the strap of the mesquinhez of the life, the contact with all the nature to our redor leaves in them light, has a fatigue. What? Fatigue? Everything is flowers in our lives at such moments. Friends E.M and L.T.D., the last time who we were to the Pretty Rock, hem! Inesquecvel. We were in a group of more people who at the moment I do not remember the names. Yes, in the day where he stows there for the last time, all we float – always soil is felt beyond, when we are there – the human birds we had caught in them and some flights we made in that so pretty day.