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Stonewall Celebration Concert

It made performances that had led to compare it with the Jim Morisson of the band The Doors. Shows of the Urban Legion, however, was not summarized only to the presentation of musics. Whenever it could, Renato made its speeches or gave to advice, assuming the image of older brother, who the fans already had adopted. As in a show in the Gigantinho (1991), Porto Alegre: Ace times seems that everything is so difficult, that the will that people have really is to disappear, but I would like to give an advice for the people who think in this type of alternative, that people always can try the life in another place. people always can be happy. Renato, as during all its life, always liked to say the certain thing in the alias process. when it went up to palco, wise person as to make it. As singer, beyond the Urban Legion, Renato launched two alone CDs.

One with musics in English, launched in June of 1994 with the heading The Stonewall Celebration Concert, and another one with songs in Italian, launched in December of 1995, that it was baptized of Distant Balance. Both the records were with songs of authorship of other artists. With the Urban Legion they had been seven CDs launched while still alive and two posthumous ones. , Of coletneas and records with editions beyond special. We will lose in them between monsters Of our proper creation? Perhaps they will be entire nights from fear of the blackout We will be waked up Imagining some Pra solution that this our egoism does not destroy our heart (Russian Renato.

I will be) 2,4 I HAVE TIMES taste to believe that the people buy our records because they feel and they perceive that I feel and perceive accurately what they feel and perceive. If the Legion will have a force, is of being equal to the public. (Russian Renato; 1988, p.130) As well as Bob Dylan made Renato to feel part of the songs, Renato made with the fans of the Urban Legion. 15 With its marcante voice, to make to arrepiar any one, Renato sang hymns of a generation that lived the opening politics. The Urban Legion appeared enters a group of young that lived in the skin, inside of the federal capital the censorship, the exile, the tortures and the tdio to live in one