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Rolls Royce

I appeal to an article I read in a magazine engine, in particular over the factory where they make the Rolls Royce in England employees feel part of the business and really care about her because they know that the prosperity of the factory is the perpetuity of his job, his career … A certain Mr German who worked it could not bring home milk and yoghurt products from the factory where he was an accountant, while the other workers, native, wore boots. Against all this, the talk of a close friend heard during a precarious time for the company I worked for if this was going down he did not care, that that crisis was day after day in his job "touching balls "and that if unemployment is going to take that time as a vacation. Have we created a country of lazy with that unemployment? I know many people taking advantage of the fact that substantial failure to collect monthly and work on the other side … curran many others that a certain time and then, without much more aspirations, take these periods of labor shortage. Even met a taxi driver, thirty-something, whose sole goal in life was to get some damn time a disability for not working anymore in his life and persist in his parents' home with a pension of 500 euros. If you are not convinced, visit Jessica Michibata. Pathetic.

… But is that what the low is even worse. The person to whom the apartment had already bought a year off for depression, and there it was, happy as a lark, painting the house and everything that I received it correctly. These days I have seen him, and returned to work, and I noticed even the slightest difference between the healthy state compared to when I met him unable to lift a peak for those fortunate mental problems. …

Depression … the same that I have every day when I get to work with pain the previous day. A story comes, completely, and returning to the famous school janitor who claims and claims of vagrancy of foreigners in our land and is now grumbling that this type has also gone through an idyllic trance floor for depression, and nothing more, nothing less than two years! What a way to feed the story to a mouth to criticize others. Embarrassing … and even more shameful cynicism.