Speaker System Vertical

It provides a sound transmission distances of up to 60 m. RF section has a diameter of 1.5 driver 'midrange / bass section consists of one 10' speaker. Built-in passive crossover allows the system to feed a single channel amplifier. Sensitivity – 100 dB / W / m. Chart orientation (Nhu) – 60 x10 . VX series This series is a linear array Harman designed for scoring all concert halls and outdoor areas of medium size.

Series consists of three tops (VX800, VX1000, VX1200), and three subwoofers (VX15, VX18, VX1800). Its feature – the small size and weight with high technical characteristics. All modules contain a powerful high-frequency driver that delivers transparent sound at the upper edge of the operating frequency range. Speaker System VX-800 is the youngest unit in the series. It creates a sound with a baked-on rytie angle 100 'in the horizontal plane. This loudspeaker is a passive two-band room, equipped with two low-frequency transmitters diameter of 8 'and a compression 1.7' HF driver with horn, creating a cylindrical sound wave. Two low-frequency driver provides a uniform frequency response up to 140 Hz.

Radiation pattern in the high- frequencies in the vertical is 10 , which allows you to collect VX800 modules in vertical columns with the required curvature. Thus, the configuration of the array can begin with two speakers (with the angle of dispersion in the vertical plane from 20 … 35 ) and increased to 16 units in a single array of complex shape.

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