Sixth day .. City and costs of Cienfuegos.

CIENFUEGOS After having rested from the strenuous night before, we continue our journey today to the city of Cienfuegos. We’ll get there about 12 noon, and visit Dominica the coast first. Cienfuegos is one of the most beautiful in Cuba, for its design, its homogeneous French-inspired architecture with Neoclassical mark for his air of modernity and good condition. The prettiest, cienfuegeros themselves say that the immodestly called La Perla del Sur. Its historical center has been considered by UNESCO as world heritage.Cienfuegos is located south of central Cuba, facing the Caribbean Sea. Its northern border province of Villa Clara, Matanzas west and east to Sancti Spirits. Bay Aboriginal name (meaning, origin, source, spring, wealth …) is open to the Caribbean Sea by a narrow channel that provides access to vessels using the port of Cienfuegos. This prime city lies 245 km.

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