The products and systems related to the Digital Home can be grouped into the following areas:
Comfort: It entails that all actions can be undertaken to improve the comfort in a home. Such actions can be both passive and active or mixed. Examples: A-Packaging Acustico within a housing leads to an improvement in the comfort of its occupants. -A network of automated devices (home automation) that controls various routines housing (Irrigation, lighting, blinds, air conditioning, entertainment networks, remote …)-An air conditioning efficiency resulting from the combination of passive elements (material) elements assets (temperature probes, detection windows open …)
Safety: Consists of a safety net to protect those entrusted assets or alarms managed by the domotics (flood detection, gas, presence, fire, pressure, vibration, breakage, opening …), as security staff its occupants, warning in case of occurrence (or user CRA) and a deterrent.
Telecommunications: Are the systems or communications infrastructure that has the home. Whether we speak of internal networks (Wireless, LAN, carrier-current …) or network access (RTBC, ISDN, ADSL …) or public networks (RTV, Radio …) the concept of the Digital Home linked to the connectivity of households to the information superhighway.
Entertainment: It refers to all systems or infrastructure that has the home field of entertainment. Examples are all kinds of Consumer, Media Center, DTT devices Audio and Video Distribution … Ultimately everything entertainment system integrated into a digital network.
Energy savings: The energy saving is not something tangible, but a concept that can be reached in many ways. In many cases it is not necessary to replace the appliances or other household systems that consume less, but efficient management of them. This requires that the different networks mentioned above are integrated, home automation. We can manage the household air-conditioning, no water if it’s raining, close blinds to direct sunlight, adjust the intensity of the lights according to a range of natural light, tell if there is a leak, turn off / turn on certain appliances …
Conclusions: The Digital Home is a concept of marketing is understood that only under a strong integration of the various networks that comprise it, ie, home automation. Nothing helps us to have elements of each area if they can not interact with them. The biggest problem caused by the need for integration, are the different communication protocols for each product and its control from a single interface. For this there are specialized engineering to meet the need for integration of Digital Home, or better defined, domotics integration.

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