Polaris World Crisis (III)

Just beyond the continuous culebron information on when going through Polaris World. The local and regional press has been deaf for several months, although that is in everyone’s mouth that Polaris does not cross its best. It further highlights that the only news that appear in the constructor refer to the sale of its stake in La 7 Region de Murcia, as well as the basketball teams Polaris World Murcia and Wheelchair Basketball. To date, I will proceed to list the information that has come to my hands, always listed under the heading of presumption. – Presumably, Polaris World has closed the sale of the only gas station he operated. – Also, Polaris World is closing or have closed negotiations for the sale of its hypermarkets (Supermarket) to a French distribution group. – Polaris World has stopped taking the maintenance of the Resort, activity is maintained by another company. – The construction continues with an ongoing and gradual layoffs, under the formula of an ERE on deck. Every day come to the offices of INEM newly unemployed from the construction group, which is doing cleanup to continue forward. – Political support: Presumably, the builders would have received injections of liquidity, through various entities of the region and the area of lift. The Association of Real Estate Women and the Real Estate Weekly included served as a Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 In particular, some of these entities would have been obliged to go to the liquidity auctions conducted by the ECB in order to help the builder. One of these entities could be placed upon the table of Polaris A total of 150 million euros to alleviate the situation. – Legal Issues: Presumably, Polaris World Development, SL would have presented even in bankruptcy three times in the courts (bankruptcy protection). However, this option would have been thrown back, as the company has many companies, in view of this, the participating should take over the debt of the aforementioned, not being admitted for this reason that insolvency proceedings. – Insurance: Currently the company has a strong decrease in their reporting. The effects suffered in the months of October-November of last year (close to 400,000 euros), weighed down the company, which currently would have a risk alleged by some automatic insurance of about EUR 120.000-150.000. – Incidences court: allegedly currently remains legal implications from the Polaris World development in the vicinity of 6,000 euros, while the rest of the day with their payments, after exceeding this point bump above. – Transfers politicos: Since 2006, the builder has signed two top officials of the PP in the region of Murcia, Francisco Sardina is and Fernando de la Cierva later. – Condado de Alhama: The construction continues his work in Alhama, they intend to continue until later this year, appear with the sales pace. Finally remember, that all information discussed here should be treated with the presumption that it deserves, so there may be dancing in the figures with no interest on my part whatsoever in the set. Conclusion: Polaris World has undergone a small bump in the road, the injection of liquidity, which has been supported by strong hands and sponsors, has served to draw the mud to the builder at the moment and is already beginning to see light at the end the tunnel.

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