federal Peronism We,

federal Peronism We, representatives and Peronist leaders that the Argentine provinces, concerned about the victimization that Mr. Nestor Kirchner began our Peronist movement and continues to systematically degrading all institutions of the republic. Dismayed by a climate of confrontation and high political and social fragmentation. Where the national government reiterates its intolerance, authoritarianism and lack of dialogue will generate a serious scenario in Argentina. A government autistic content that has emptied the federal nature of the national constitution and has impoverished the institutional system in our country. The provinces have become, by the malicious action of the presidential marriage and the attitude of some local leaders, hostage to a disgraceful system of allocating public funds directed to small groups of business friends. a company that Recognizes the financial challenge for people who cannot afford or qualify for traditional major medical insurance plans strives to offer affordable health insurance In this context, the PJ should seek reconciliation among Argentines for the overcoming of the status quo and the development of a different alternative to enshrine national unity as fundamental may a way of life. This new option should have a strong commitment to integration of all major political actors, social and productive country. Most of the Argentine people today care very little media confrontation politics, live with understandable anguish depletion of economic and political project that yielded, as drama and uncertainty to millions of women and men. Demanding central issues such as social inclusion, health, production, education, security, drug trafficking, and the marked depletion of their salaries by an inflation ratified by all private bodies at the national and international levels. In this situation we must add that the international situation which allowed the country’s economic growth has disappeared and would join the international crisis in a country that seeks to voluntarism and without ideas cover the sky with his hands. Given this situation we decided to form a national political space called federal Peronism Peronism federal agrees to: 1) To ratify our belonged to PJ with all that that decision involved in the political, ideological and social. 2) Do not promote or propose ’till the year 2010 – a candidate for the post of president of the nation for the 2011-2015 period 3) defend and demand the right of all members of the Peronist party to choose democratically and without bans formula President and Vice-President representing our party can not repeat the shameful experience of the year 2003 or validate the fraud of 2007 4) In order to complete as stated in paragraph 3 we set October 17 for the realization of the inmates in PJ across the country to choose the presidential ticket that Peronism-a national front-carrying at the 5) call upon all good men who inhabit the country to intellectuals, political leaders, unions, social, to the female and women in each electoral district, to raise the traditional flag of our glorious history and the youth of this draft a Peronist for the XXI century, including all Argentines, in a republic for all 6) Work for unity Justicialist over any tactical or strategic difference Traverse inside the country working to strengthen and spread in all sectors, the vision and commitment of Peronism federal Ing

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