Those who have had the opportunity to go on holiday to Ibiza, surely not hesitate to repeat the experience. Ibiza is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, which is part of what is known as the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, in Spain lasIslas. It is nothing less than one of the most heavenly spots that you can find on this side of the world, possessed of great natural attractions that make it a highly popular site at tourist level. Due to this popularity is that Ibiza has been transformed into an extremely cosmopolitan and tourist island recognized from all parts of the world for its festive atmosphere and the constant proposal of fun, a great percentage of the visitors are young people looking to have fun at parties on the beach, or in the heated nights. Ibizase became popular thanks to the Hippie movement in the sixties, and even today there are some hippie colonies that inhabit the island and live under their terms relaxed and Liberal, another attraction which adds time to think where the upcoming holiday. Vale noted that although the Island is extremely beautiful natural level, and has numerous centres of architectural interest, has invested a lot to leisure and night recreation, with only 575 Km2. Ibizapromete night party and fun with more than forty clubs. Clear that for those who want to enjoy the island to the maximum, can be a guided tour of all their strengths as the Portal de Ses Taules, the Almudaina Castle or the Cathedral of the Virgin of the snows, among many other monuments and landmarks, heritage of culture and history of Ibiza.

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