Italian Cinema And Television Film

The development has allowed some cultures social fields as well known as the film had excellent progress with the passage of time and even more when we speak of a culturally rich country like Italy, which is the cornerstone of a great icon film industry such as the Italian cinema. Italian cinema began in the late nineteenth century, where the need and tell stories through these images, began to be used in Italy, the pillar of Italian cinema is brewing with the appearance of short films based primarily on the life and history of religious institutions of Italy. For the year 1896 the concept of papal record the activities changed dramatically since the creation of a short film called "Humberto and Margaret of Samboy a walk in the park" allowed the reality of the stories began to be viewed from another point of view not only documentary but also fictional. One factor to be highlighted throughout the evolution of Italian cinema is the literature, because it was used largely for inspiration of the directors, especially when they began to re-up stories, it is worth mentioning that for Italian cinema characterization of human feelings like love, fear and joy were the foundations of creation. For half of the twentieth century the emergence of a movement called neorealism allowed the Italian cinema would your next step, because this figure was based on real situations that developed in the less advantaged social groups in Italy and in turn convert these quarry sites of action, since many films were short films and starring people from these suburbs. Some directors like Roberto Rossellini, Luchino Visconti and Vittorio de Sica, neorealism and made the Italian cinema in particular an icon to be followed by other countries of the European continent in this century for the emergence of new European film agencies were focused on the principle Italian film. It is worth mentioning that since the middle of the twentieth century, Italian cinema is considered the pillar of the establishment of some areas of the film as: Cine police.

Film dramatic. Cinema cultural, social and political. Cinema of suspense and terror. Film poetic. Comedy erotic.

Italian Comedy. At present the Italian film icon is considered a great exponent of realistic cinema, as the main bases of this type of film are obtained from neorealism, an excellent example of this are films like: Paisa. The clean boots. The earth trembles. Beautiful. La strada. La dolce vita. The night. Other equally impressive. Given this demonstrated that the importance of Italian cinema has been such that during the course of film history this has been an important genre to watch, because this has great virtues to teach. So there is no excuse to miss a good Italian cinema every opportunity available either in our homes or theaters.

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