Parabolic Flights – Holidays By Weightlessness

The US-American Anousheh Ansari in 2006 as first space tourist paid around 16 million euros for their spacecraft to the Space Station. Those who lack the wherewithal for such an excursion, which can occur even for a few thousand dollars to several minutes of weightlessness – a parabolic flight. Typically, parabolic flights are made to conduct scientific experiments or testing devices that will work in space. Even special effects in movies are sometimes produced on parabolic flights, for example, various scenes from the movie “Apollo 13” starring Tom Hanks. On parabolic flights converted military transport planes and civil airliners like the Airbus to rise at a 45 degree angle sharply upward to a height of up to 8500 meters. Just before the top of the engines are throttled, the plane is still rising a little to the vertex of the parabola and then also falls in a 45 angle to the ground again until it is intercepted by the pilots. During the steep climb and the interception of the machine almost Prevailsdual gravity in an airplane. At the top of the parabola is after switching off the engine reaches the actual weightlessness, which lasts approximately 25 seconds. Usually a sequence of parabolas are flown so that the whole time is just under 10 minutes of weightlessness. Not everyone tolerates the conflicting information that disclose the balance organ in the inner ear and the eye to the brain. About 13 percent of all passengers who participate for the first time a parabolic flight, are plagued by violent vomiting. As is often the drugs did not help to be proactively distributed to all. Hence the nickname “Kotzbomber” for the parabolic flight aircraft. But the team is prepared for such cases and has a lot of bags in stock for those who have their stomach contents again have to give away. Because with a bag is not enough, as a rule, if it has seen someone catch. Nevertheless Schwerkraftmde to find enough people who want to experiment, so that there is already a commercial airline that offers parabolic flights.For around $ 4000 you can take off from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, out. Flight and accommodation are of course still do so. That we may be in a padded experiencing empty evacuated the aircraft fuselage, together with over 20 like-minded people a sense that otherwise it is only in outer space. The physical demands of parabolic flight passengers are fortunately much less than that of astronauts. It should be easy in normal health, with a blood pressure no higher than 160/100. Then stay for a weekend of weightlessness is nothing in the way except for a few thousand euros or dollars. Those who also still has a robust stomach is clearly superior and can enjoy the trip much better than those which are parabolas in the course of so poor that they only want to die.

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