Music show

Another option to display system and the soundtrack of a movie was the music-show. The Music Show is a huge room created in 1995 Thadeus Virgil Hall in Boston to show through the most advanced music of any movie.
The show consists of a complex software program built into a laser that is spreading on all sides of the room enveloping the viewer / listener in a course related to the film, famous or not, with a symphony orchestra composed of thousands of musicians and led by a conductor who is using several conociemientos are interpreted or visual accompaniment assembly.
It’s like being inside a room is equipped ordenador.La on all four walls by an infinitesimal number of holes that go from just a millimeter in all esquins, which makes the lines that spread across the holes are such items as While these points are pixels which is shaped by providing them with the image of motion and beauty. This system is called Utra-3D.No need glasses to enjoy this facility of 3D because the 3D is integrated in the room and wraps all the spectators in a room.
There have been musicshow works related to music of all popular movies, classic and everything.

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