CPI vs. Exchange Market

Information to the newspaper report. With the entry in the BCV Merentes, advances in theory possible that the government agency that would direct the auction dollars, to bring back to a value available, University of Southern California while considering the youtube elimination of Closing Bell cadivi. This position of several ministers progresses with increasing consensus, because the priority in the context of inflation and access to foreign producers, traders and service, is that interview the country is paralyzed and to avoid supply problems since importers that currently can not access cadivi or delayed their currencies, they do not want to come to this market with its CNBC current San Diego cost. The year 2005 has been a puzzling to many analysts of the Dominican crisis, mainly because of the status of the IPC on the funds parity of the exchange market, where the CPI figure has climbed records when the primary currency for internal or external trade (the dollar vs. RD) was sincerizado at -50 of its investment management value a year ago (Records of the IPC in this case relate to the figures of all time reached in the year 2005). This infers Asset Management an overvaluation of the Dominican currency on the cumulative inflation since the start of the crisis and the absence of any decline in the latter (in this year where the finance Dominican Peso was apparently stable FOX news sets) La Jolla which in San Diego effect leads to a disproportionate economic parity purchasing for the consumer in general.
Today, based on the CPI is estimated that the rate of the dollar should fall between 42 and 45 pesos to the dollar or even a higher figure, however now fits within the average margin Children’s Hospital of 33.00 (rising) pesos dollar, the latter effect to increase uniformly covered by October, but even with this increase in the Dominican Peso against the dollar, many analysts believe has not yet begun to sincerizarse currency (the reason is that the CPI does not yield).
The relationship between the CPI and the exchange market now suggests that the economy had more fluidity in the mandate of President Hip hedge funds lito Mej a, while the term of Leonel Fernandez presented a solid second in terms that economists and businessmen are not a lot Asset Management of longevity and reliability by the imbalance in the relationship.
Currently there is an argument supported by the hotel and CNBC’s Closing Bell tourism sector in general, the recommendations of the IMF, economists high prestige, for asset management entrepreneurs by Low competitiveness effect in the high CPI and cost of production for good in the DR -CAFTA, among others, for the Dominican Peso is located at a rate of 37 or 38 pesos per dollar.

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