Medical Center (station)

Medical Center (station) Location Av Cuauhtemoc and Eje 3 Sur, Col. Roma Sur Cuauhtemoc Opening June 7, 1980 Medical Center station is a station of correspondence between lines 3 and 9 of Collective Transport System (Metro) of Mexico City. The meaning of the symbol is the Caduceus, which is the representation of the Greek god of medicine Asclepius. Its name refers to the general hospital in the Medical Center Siglo I, located on the Metro. Medical Center Siglo I was almost destroyed by the 1985 Mexico City earthquake. The Medical Center station is connected directly to the Medical Center’s main entrance, by a system of escalators. This subway station has enabled disabled facilities, has cultural exhibits. The station serves the Medical Center Colonia Roma Sur, and is located at the intersection of Avenida Cuauhtemoc and Eje 3 Sur Baja California, one block from the Viaduct Michael German.In one of his outings this season will find the French cemetery where Mexican personalities are buried both civilian and military. 19 24’24 “N 99 09’21” W / 19.406637, -99.155753

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