Recent years

Recent years During the first months of 1987, the group took time off so Freddie took the opportunity to record a solo work at the Townhouse studios. Among other songs, he recorded a remake of the old song called The Platters The Great Pretender. The single was released on February 23. It also would record several songs for the musical Time. In March 1987 Freddie flew to Barcelona to meet Montserrat Caball . He gave her a cassette tape with two or three songs. The Catalan opera diva liked even one of them sang at Covent Garden in London. Freddie was surprised and, in early April, started working on an album he recorded with Montserrat Caball .Mercury would say about this experience in an interview: “The last couple of weeks I have been working with this amazing woman, she’s a great opera star, his name is Montserrat Caballe, she comes from Barcelona and called me and said he like to sing with me, I fell back and thought ‘Oh, My God,’ but I adore her for years, and I think he gave recently when traveling to Barcelona and a TV show asked me .. and I told her good is the best singer in the world and I love to sing with her, so she must have seen. She called the office and said he would like to do things. ” In late May, the island of Ibiza hosted a large music festival in the Ku Club. Freddie had agreed to be a guest of honor and close the event with Montserrat Caball singing the song he had written for her and her hometown, Barcelona.Later, the Spanish Olympic Committee decided that the single was the official anthem for the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. On October 8, 1988 Freddie and Montserrat were featured on an outdoor stage at the festival in Barcelona known as La Nit (Night). They sang three songs on the album that had not been released yet, How Can I Go On, The Golden Boy and Barcelona, accompanied by Mike Moran on piano. It was the last time Freddie acted on a stage with Caball singing in playback. The long-awaited album finally left Barcelona on October 10. The last time I sang live Freddie had been on April 4 at the Dominion Theater in the Musical Time a charity event in which Freddie played four songs, one with his friend Cliff Richard.His last public appearance was at an awards ceremony at the Brit Awards 1990, at which time they carry a light blue suit and only went to the public to say ‘Thank you, good night, although images are retained after the act . On November 23, 1991 announced to the world as suffering from AIDS through a press release that was the target of much speculation. The same said: “Responding to the information and assumptions that have appeared about me in the press since 2 weeks ago, I confirm that I have tested positive in tests that I have the virus and AIDS. I tried to keep this information hidden to protect my life and that of those around me, but now it’s time for my friends and fans around the world know the truth and I hope everyone will join me, my doctors and all suffering from this terrible disease to fight it. “On 24 November 1991, hours after the announcement of his illness, Freddie died of bronchopneumonia multilobar endured not because of their advanced state of AIDS next to his boyfriend Jim Hutton and singer Dave Clark while those in the house aseaban Garden Lodge in London. His last wish was the revival of Bohemian Rhapsody for the purpose of raising funds for the fight against AIDS. After his death, he continued with the release of large amount of material that Mercury had made ready. His last appearance on camera was in the video clip These Are The Days Of Our Lives.

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