How many times …

I refused to answer a survey, Abati me to the length of this, and even gave an answer to muddle through, and without thinking. A couple of days ago a group of people passed through the passage to inquire about the taste or preference for “purse” of one of the stores that exist in our country. When the young man knocked on the door and asked my availability to answer with a bit of annoyance said “go hmm, is it really short ” “Do not worry – he said – about two minutes, no more” He was to imagine that the two minutes were five and half I began to despair, he realized and said, “and we will end do not worry” very kindly finished answering the survey and the data that he requested the company .Finally I said “a phone number so they can corroborate that I made up the survey ” My first impulse was to tell her that she could not give, but to hear “I confirm that invented the poll,” I started to laugh to some extent an accomplice, and put myself in the shoes of new poll in which about three months, I fell to me to be who bored high school students from two schools of AMSS in taking forward the research. Therefore hesitate to turn to refuse to fill out a survey, you never know when the karma is going to charge.

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