Horror Films

Alexis Fernando Jimenez As if it were well-crafted scenes of horror films, the Gaviria family began experiencing strange phenomena in the house who had just bought a very good price: Hallways and there is an inexplicably cold, noise no apparent reason of origin, which cast shadows on the carpet, and a heaviness that was visible in the environment. Even the spouses reported that the behavior of his two sons was inexplicable, as if they find peace anywhere, and themselves as a couple fought constantly. Having learned about the previous owners of the huge two-story house on the outskirts of the city, it was discovered that two people had been higher daily behavior which was shrouded in mystery, aloof in dealing with neighbors and with whom one could hardly cross word. But something else: there were those who claimed that, especially at weekends – occult ceremonies performed. People in luxury vehicles, carefully dressed in black, came and went late at night. – They left as suddenly as they came, someone said the behavior of this couple was woken serious reservations. Gaviria Husbands consulted with the pastor of the congregation, who took them to a powerful passage in the Bible: “… whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth, will also be loosed in heaven. “(Matthew 16:19 b, New International Version, see Matthew 18:18) While it is true that binding and loosing are terms used by rabbis in order to include and exclude something, respectively, contain a denote deep meaning because the powerful influence of the physical world on the spiritual, and vice versa.

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