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It is not a trivial plot of the play reinforced by an interesting parallel. Overseer – fun of Casanova, who is trying to reach, reach out to the charming butterflies. But they soar too high Only at the end of Casanova leads to a Brush-footed Butterflies (aka Lolita) – Queen, a beautiful butterfly that Gum (and on the idea of the author – this is a prototype of Nabokov), grown specifically for you. At a crucial moment, there is a shot of Gum aims at Casanova, to prevent Brush-footed Butterflies and loss But do not expect some kind of predictable and irreversible ending, a conclusion every viewer – the direct actor, will make for themselves individually. But in one opinion is not divided: debut, y the play, certainly has a future. The main thing here is that, as noted by V. Makeev: "At the heart of the play – a play, and play – it's literature! Product, which is not yet published but already delivered, is of interest. It is precisely our modernity.

This lively study of literature, direct its perception within the auditorium. In my opinion it's interesting, it's spectacular! ". It is not only spectacular and interesting. Theatre – a chair, but the department does not University, and one which opens up new facets humanities, if it were possible to select a science. Immediately recall the words of Gadamer: "Like a cult, the theater is a place of genuine creation – a place where one of us make and deliver to us as an image of something, what we feel and see the reality which transcends the reality of our selves.

Here we hear the voice of truth, standing as if on life, liberated from the oblivion that eludes oblivion. The ancient pagans it was made in the form of theophany in the Christian cult has a similar meaning of the sacrament – and the same thing, but in its own way, continues to make theater. " In everyday life we are in the same way as the actors on stage reincarnated by hundreds of times per day, with incredible speed do not forget to change the mask. Here, in the theater, the audience gets an experience that helps move and develop further, learn to soar above the commonplace and allows reach high-flying, and for this not necessarily be extreme. Already we know. Curtain. For reference. Almost half of Russians do not go to the theater. According to the All-Russia Opinion Research Center, has never were in the theater 29%. Theater-goers consider themselves to be 23%. More often interested in the performances, women, youth aged 18 – 24 years, the owners of Higher and incomplete higher education and the Russians.


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