DEFINITIONS OF ELECTRONIC COMMERCE “It is the use of computer and telecommunications technologies that takes place between companies or between sellers and buyers, to support trade in goods and services.” -Commerce is defined as any activity involving Companies that interact and do business electronically with customers, Companies, or the government. Including the order and electronic payment of goods and Services. “Another simpler definition can be summarized in any way compromise Commercial in which the parties interact electronically rather than trade or Direct physical contact (person to person). The products being traded may be physical products like cars Used or services such as news, audio, video, software, database, etc.. DEFINITION OF E-BUSINESS E-business is the application of information technologies to facilitate the sale of products, services and information through standards-based public network of Internet comunicaciones.Es combination with traditional information systems of an organization (Web Information Technology) and allows users to raise vital business processes that are the basis and essence of a company DIFFERENCE e-business is the application of technologies to facilitate the buying and selling of products or services through public networks, standards-based communications and e-commerce is to implement all of the activities involved in providing business management and demand for products or services or technology partners and so on. E-business is equal to e-commerce, but e-commerce is a component of e-business. TYPES OF E-COMMERCE Business-Consumer (Business to Consumer, B2C) mode is more popularly known e-commerce, due to the sectors involved: the company and its customers. It is a method known as electronic selling, which is usually done through the World Wide Web Internet.La company provides a product catalog online on which customers can place orders using traditional payment methods (transfer, against reimbursement check) or electronic (credit cards, mobile payments). Enterprise-Enterprise (Business to Business, B2B) electronic commerce between companies primarily aims at supplying goods or services from a ellas.Esta application of electronic commerce is set for a long time, mainly using the electronic exchange of data. Company-Employed (Business to Employee, B2E) Considered the third stage of the Internet revolution, the B2E is to maximize the efficiency and performance of the employer, while reducing the complexity of their daily tasks. Employees are critical assets of the company, and improvement in its relations with the company is vitally important for overall productivity. In this case we can mention as an example in our country Panama Buy, as this website large companies that have inventory and everything else engaged in exhibiting their products for sale to employees of these companies at good prices and with excellent quality. Citizen-Citizen (Citizen to Citizen, C2C) This type of e-commerce webpages is offered as an e-bay, where they are auctioned products are purchased by users and users in turn.This type of E-commerce is widely used now because it provides users get what they need in an easy, fast and highly technological.

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