WC Monitors Grooming:. Hire monitors who are responsible for educating residents about the cleanliness of the city and beaches. Garbage: Encourage separate x types of garbage. Generate income instead of spending 370 million x 50 tons of garbage. Recycling would save close to half. Start in schools. Organic and inorganic waste. Culture Integral Historical Museum: Textiles, painting and handicraft. Financing Sernatur, heritage and municipal contribution Tribute to battles for the Independence of the Blind and Conuco Mill recognized in national history books Featured Gallery: Put in simple framed photography and short biography of great men tomecinos who is traveling. Historical recognition: O. Reyes. J. Gonzalez, D. Garrido. L. Pantoja, V. Arriagada, A.Pantoja Preparation of sculptures: Competing for instalare streets and appropriate places. Financia Sernatur, Fondart Municipal Art Award: Increase prize value from 35 to 100 UF UF Contributed academies and schools of dance and folklore: through funds concursares Maison de la culture: Transfer to cultural organizations Sports Create a comprehensive plan to develop life sports: hire an expert in sport Estadio Municipal Lighting: giving life to this building, inaugurated in 1940.I took the 3rd division 4 High Schools Night Classics: restore this tradition and social sports bars and art show Race Tome Lirqu n: install complementizer sport tourism and recreation Fitness by quarter: in order to help eliminate crime, alcoholism and strengthen the family Improving all sports fields: they are in terrible condition, prohibit the use of lawn Estadb Municipal show (hold for this sector Fair) Soccer Fields in Town 18 September: Missing spaces for sports especially football Remove charging for use of municipal gymnasium. Ej 100,000 to boxing Contributed football clubs, hopscotch, cycling, boxing, hiking, snorkelling, basketball, etc.. Municipal funding: patent and uncollected contributions, Fondedeporte Education Encourage teachers to improve infrastructure Casinos, staff rooms and manage good nutrition for pupils in terms of economic and social deprivation. Encourage teachers and students with better Simce: Funding higher municipal revenues Providing wireless Internet Tome: The state has resources via nominations Manage the installation of a professional institute: to run necessary for the needs of the Commune. Reviving the colony school to exchange students with views of parents. This need handlers during the summer.Income cease to trade Entrepreneurship Strengthening the Office of productive promotion: applying for Innova, Sercotec, Fosis, Heritage, Fondeport, Science, Fondart, CONYCIT, Poverty, Hope Fund, Sense, DAP, Farmhouses, ProChile Undersecretary of Fishing, etc.. Security Implement in the Municipality Municipal Victim Advocate is responsible for supporting victims of crime in Tome. Week Tomecina Reposition it as the 1st of the area: reinstate murgas, Venetian nights, hot air ballooning. Tourism Hiring a technical expert in tourism: guidelines aims to deliver Heritage tourism: Culture is the highlight of local history.

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