Carnival: Doctors Warn Of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Million people suffer from, or after the “great days” under the problems that alcohol mis () are due to consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption leads in principle to the classic hangover symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, “Nachdurst, headaches, and more or less discomfort and stressful, however there is no remedy for the prevention or treatment, emphasizes quality Medic’s spokesman, Trevor Byrne today in Cologne. The physicians of the medical Beratungsportals have effective tips together, so after the celebrations at Carnival or Fasching only a tiny kitten and adult cat is not a threat: Quali Medic-internist Dr. Claudia Bernholt advises to Do not drink alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. When the stomach through food and non-alcoholic beverages is filled delay, the absorption of alcohol and this does not rise as quickly to his head, says Claudia Bernholt. Ideal preparation for this are meatballs rollsthe traditional pickled herring or herring herrings. Anyone who enjoys this as a cat killer known seafood prior to alcohol consumption and not at the “Katertag”, prepares his body better for the neurotoxin alcohol. Alcohol, but also acts a diuretic – it also drives fluid from the body and thus the organism loses plenty of water-soluble substances such as minerals. The water and electrolyte loss is responsible for many unpleasant effects of alcohol consumption. Therefore, the salt-rich fish should be before the consumption of alcohol on the menu are available and not after. Dr Claudia Bernholt recommends the consumption of alcohol or an extra dose of vitamin C, because the water-soluble vitamin to help prevent such a hangover in the mineral magnesium. To reduce alcohol consumption as a whole, it is advisable that follows each glass of beer, wine, champagne or liquor a large glass of mineral water. That balances out the alcohol fluid and electrolyte loss. Whether the intervention was successful, can be easily seen from the fact that thenext day with “Nachdurst” begins. Nachdurst is a sign of an extreme loss of water via the urine. In addition, Dr. Claudia Bernholt advises to not “cheap booze” and alcoholic “drink of unknown origin” to. But are also branded spirits contain many different substances present, which can lead to complaints, says internist Bernholt. Particularly katerfrdernd especially cognac, schnapps, brandy, red wine and rum What matters is the absolute amount of alcohol, and folk wisdom “beer to wine, which are let ‘be!” In the realm of fairy tales food banished. If you have a glass of beer, a glass of wine, get them alone certainly no hangover. On the following day, it is important for fresh air, provide mineral-rich drinks such as fruit juice and light food. Optimal is fruit yogurt or bread and jam, recommends Quali Medic-Spokesperson and nutrition expert Trevor Byrne concluded. For more information and free medical consultation . AG VISPR: Spokesperson Trevor Byrne Brckenstrae 1-3 in 50667 Cologne 0221-2705212 –

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