If you need your child to bed with the bottle, fill it with water only. Taking over a long time the bottle with other liquids can damage baby teeth. Decay caused by the misuse of the bottle are one of the most frequent problems in children under three years old. The problem occurs when a child’s teeth are exposed for long to sugary liquids. Almost all liquids that takes the drink, except water, containing sugar. This includes milk, fruit juices and soft drinks or sodas. When the child is awake, saliva helps to clean the sugar and acids in the mouth that cause tooth decay. But during sleep the saliva flow is reduced. The baby who sleeps with the bottle can not swallow the liquid quickly. Instead the liquid drips slowly in the mouth sometimes for hours. The sugary liquid accumulates between the teeth of the child which can dissolve the enamel and a cavity. The damage occurs very quickly and cause severe pain. While this practice is more common the greater the damage. Tomar bottle containing a sugary drink for a long time during the day can also cause damage. The dental damage caused by the bottle does not need to suffer young children. To prevent harm Baby bottle tooth caused by following these preventive measures: “If your baby needs his bottle at bedtime, fill it only with pure water. Do not fill the bottle with milk, juice, soda or soda. the best insurance plan can be found with offers health coverage to families across the United States All these drinks have sugar. “As we approach the first birthday start removing the bottle to your child. Rather than teach them to make the bottle directly into cup.

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