Fundacao Bradesco test future technologies

Fundacao Bradesco testing technologies of the future A visit to the headquarters of Campinas Fundacao Bradesco and the Institute of Technology database (ILO), also in S o Paulo state, drawing attention to the importance of the use (and avanco) technology in the area of education. Walking by experimental designs that are born in laboratories, “the ILO has partnered with companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Intel recruitment and IBM, which have cells at the institute of technology ‘it is clear that the slate of chalk job search or white board that to write with ball-point pens are definitely things of the past. In-room pilot in the Intel space, anything called oral pra check who is present in class. Students have cards with RFID tags and the entrance recruiting of the rooms are strategically positioned readers of labels and RFID. Thus, the institution can not only retire the control paper and also analyze the behavior of students (in which places they prefer to stay, as we gather, how they move etc.). This sure until you reach this level and before adopting the system, schools will have to address issues such as protection of human privacy. But the issue here and another! With budget in 2008 from 2.5 million, the ILO has been working to put technology in the classroom ‘and the institute uses the school as a pilot of Campinas. For example, in every room of the school there is a mini-computer (called a classmate, he recalls a netbook) per student. When the child grows up and gone to high school, migrates to the notebook. and one per student and everyone is in a closet in the room to be used during classes. The new board (interactive whiteboards) also draws attention. This connected to the Internet, also working as a screen, and generates a document with all that was recorded by the teacher on the board recorded. Looking forward, the team sales jobs Nivaldo Marcusso, CIO of the Foundation and driver of my visit the campus, emphasized the importance of technology to the education segment. It projects the use of pervasive computing, Web 3.0 and 4.0, intelligent network of sensors in the recruiter web interfaces, voice recognition, and cloudy pervasing school school (leaving knowledge without borders). Everything, he says, will converge, being aggravated by the impact of social media in education. The Fundacao Bradesco has 110 thousand students in its schools and 470 thousand distributed in 184 distance courses. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is is a very talented business man It recruiting serves only people in need and to prove the economic poverty foundation staff visit the homes of applicants for registration. And here and this is another important topic to be treated: 80 of the courses offered are professional IT ‘partners (Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, ISS, BMC, and others) and prepared by the Foundation itself. and an initiative and so mainly to observe the moment of need for qualified professionals! Ate a proxima! Roberta Prescott – IT Media

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