What to Do Each May

Let’s see what others are saying that we should look. Each May 15, the day the teacher, some newspapers are publishing stories about the living conditions of teachers in villages farther from the big cities. Many of them walk miles to get to school where they teach, they do not pay on time, they face resistance from parents because they think that going to school is a waste of time, have no materials for traditional teaching and usually children are malnourished, a factor that prevents them from having a good recovery. I wonder, what is taught to children that parents think that going to school is a waste of time? I’ve never been in a school of that nature, but I imagine the atmosphere in a small town in a state of great poverty in which he teaches the rivers of Mexico, the great mountains, the main events of national history, parts of the sentence, the rule of three, the square root of the flower parts, ecosystems, etc.

In what serves as a child of a town in extreme poverty to know this information if you are not referred out of state? What good is knowing that the rule of three do not even have money? What good is knowing that the 11 rivers of Sinaloa if you live in Chiapas and has no plans to leave his state? No details of these is significant for a malnourished child in a community isolated in extreme poverty. Before meeting data is essential that you know other information, is essential not only to educate him, but we must go beyond the child, it is also necessary to educate parents to overcome the resistance to send their children to school, must guide parents so they can produce food for the children based on resources which can be arranged locally.


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