Warning Salado & Schenk For His Film Work

Warning Salado & Schenk on behalf of planet Media Home Entertainment GmbH for the work of the film ‘ the Paperboy currently shipped again strengthens industrial firm schulenberg & Schenk warnings because of the supposedly illegal downloads of films and especially on behalf of planet Media Home Entertainment GmbH. In addition to the Declaration of a punitive injunctive relief, the watchdog Office of Salado & Schenk calls also, replacement of damage and cost of lawyer with a supposed comparison amount of 1.298,00. What to do? Not decay in panic! Carefully write down the short deadline and contact definitely not the watchdog Office of Salado & Schenk. It is important that you actually do something. You may do so but not reckless because otherwise a far greater damage is located.

Remain idle, so a prohibition judicial proceedings, which further process costs by approx. 2,000.00 threaten awaits you. You would lose such a process, if you not the acute Elle Familiar with case law and the corresponding arguments. Is assertion in the present cases not so called “Internetabofallen” or “Internetabzocke”, but that may legitimately by claims of the world’s largest music and film companies, by the correspondingly trained law firms. It is so strongly advisable to get a professional advice from a specialist in copyright law. Until then we recommend you continue to pay nothing and sign nothing.

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