Underwater Dream Vacationer

Underwater Dream vacationer. And not in a submarine, but it was under water. For example, in the sea, river, lake. Additionally stimulates what are you doing this afternoon, for all to see. Only blue water woman hides from the limelight and give her periodic surfacing to gain air. In the elevator or in the entryway is the biggest dream thrill.

At any time you can caught, but that's the whole effect – to get double pleasure from a sudden passion, and the feeling that doing something illegal, what you can attract. Most importantly, the thrill was in the heart of two of partners – in Otherwise, it will be for a man pleasure, and for women – continuous torment. Boxer describes an additional similar source. Before leaving for work seekers dream inspiration. Nothing, probably, does not give so much strength and vigor, like morning sex – especially oral. But if so the wife wakes her husband at work …

'Oral alarm' and more enjoyable and more effective than usual. In addition, the intimacy in the early morning is also beneficial to the relationship: it is known fact that one of the most frequently encountered causes of divorce – sexual cooling. The toilet restaurant dream esthete. Let you do not mind and do not repel nasty ear the word 'toilet'. The main point here is not the place, and then, where it is. Imagine you came in an expensive restaurant, ordered a dish of seafood, and after some time after their admission, her husband was a combat platoon. Why spend time and pleasure, waiting until you get home? Is not a sin to make him a fellatio right here, in premises under the name WC. The same applies to the aircraft and the club. At work in the office of elected Dream workaholics. How do you want to relieve stress in the middle of a busy day (or directly in the classroom during a boring lecture). By the way, one who practices like sex in the service, he began, most often with the university's Bench. Although, there is also complexity. For example, the director of a well: he and his cabinet, and the secretary did not mind making a nice boss. But married man, and still no private office – well, nothing. Therefore, it is – the ultimate dream elected Stakhanovites. On a desert island, on the roof Dream romantics. Get with your loved one on a wild island, do it with him sex, and then, enjoy plenty of romance to return home … Just as the passion and surrender on the roof under the light breath of wind, being as it were, over the ordinary world in which ordinary mortals live. And if the first version more of a science fiction, and, more often, and remains a distant dream, the second to realize that perhaps interfere with the fears and complexes. Front of the TV while watching erotic Just a dream. The main thing with this – to understand that everything in normal life is not nearly as much as on the screen. So do not try to repeat everything to the smallest detail. In short, for sex – including oral – you can find many interesting places. It is therefore very useful to be familiar to you diversify, using at least some of these places here.

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