The Way

To transfer to each person, great part of the responsibility for its life, pass to be also a social necessity. As first measure, she is necessary to leave of side the old and orthodox tool: the punishment. Sela Ward takes a slightly different approach. Instead of this, to stand out the responsibility that each human being must exactly have in relation itself and to the other. A better society and more joust depend, over all, in the way as it acts in it. It would abandon of time the reasoning of that, only with the job of the punishment, it is possible to develop the responsibility sense, important, without a doubt, for the improvement of the quality of life. Sela Ward wanted to know more. Thus, of ownership of these new values, the people will go to the few if becoming transforming agents, leaving of side, definitively, the passivity that much not only harms they as the proper society.

With this new conscience, there yes, she will be possible to construct a better world, a world where each human being search to not only make optimum for itself as for the other. Now, opening a parenthesis, it is important that let us make an analysis with more details on the world where we live and of the importance of the society in our lives. Each society, either most primitive, either most complex, establishes, demands and controls, through direct or indirect rules, the fulfilment of its requirements that they are transmitted by the educational system. Through the educational system, it controls and it determines the degree of importance of the information and which are the information that could be passed to the people. In other words, it determines which the requirements are basic for the social man, as much in level of thought behavior as, creating, thus, a social man who thinks as it desires that it thinks. The objectives, desires, wills and values are incased inside of certain limits.


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