The Global Crisis And Latin America

The global economic crisis has immediate effects on the economies of Latin America, is a situation that has been aggravated and accelerated greatly, and its consequences are completely unpredictable. The crisis originated first in the United States, and in stock markets, but already today is a global crisis that is affecting the entire global financial system and with negative consequences for the productive apparatus of the affected countries. In the case of Latin America is expected to occur a deterioration in levels of foreign trade, as well as at the financial level. It is necessary that the countries take forecasts involving cope with severe economic problems that may arise in the short-term, and to ensure the well-being of all.The collapse of the international financial system is imminent, and the States of the region should immediately control the banking systems, either with the nationalization or intervention, This is intended to prevent the flight of capital abroad, as well as the transfer of funds of branches of foreign banks to their headquarters.It is likewise necessary that financial institutions assess their current situation, with a view to preventing any problem in the future, that could undermine the stability of the system, since the impact of the crisis will reach all regions, but not with equal intensity in the different countries.An imminent impact will be more expensive credit and the difficulties to get financing, being most affected countries who are most indebted countries of the region as it is the case of Brazil.In terms of commercial activity, we cannot forget that we are facing a globalised economy and it is dependent, in this case the imports of the countries are related to its economic growth, it can occur if this growth stagnates the market of imports can be weakened, still another direct consequence of the global crisis.In Latin America, the countries that will be most affected will be those whose economies are particularly dependent on exports to the United States, such is the case of Mexico whose imports comprise more than 70% of the North American market, then they would be Brazil, Colombia and Chile. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. In the case of Venezuela 14% of the oil is exported to North America.It is important to mention the role that China has played in this whole crisis, today constitutes the main source of accumulation of productive capital, major companies that are past are of U.S. origin.

As you can see we are not exempt from the consequences of the serious crisis that the world is going through at the moment, we must not forget that globalization is there and that any situation that may occur affect us immediately, it is then in the hands of those who they have control of the countries know take the most appropriate measures so that the impact on economies is not so noticeable. M.S. Felix Gonzalez j. WebSite mail original author and source of the article

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